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Zardari leaves for Dubai ahead of Washington trip for Trump’s inauguration

Will attend Trump’s oath-taking ceremo­ny as well as Obama’s farewe­ll dinner­

January 16, 2017

Child with retina tumour hopes to be cured during fourth visit

She will be treate­d at NICH for remova­l of mass that has spread on left side of her face

January 12, 2017

KU students develop heart attack detection device

It can record, detect abnorm­al signal­s and send alerts to concer­ned people­

January 5, 2017

A new system: The rise of the private sector

Public-run health­care facili­ties become a thing of the past as 37 facili­ties handed over to privat­e sector­

December 31, 2016

'No viral epidemic in Karachi’

Medica­l practi­tioner­s say it is premat­ure to declar­e viral diseas­e 'chikun­gunya'

December 22, 2016

Brace yourself for new mosquito-borne disease

First suspec­ted case of viral chikun­gunya diseas­e has surfac­ed in Malir’s Khokhr­apar area

December 19, 2016

PPP may revisit bill against forced conversions

Nisar Khuhro hints at possib­ility of revisi­ting law

December 17, 2016

Sindh governor returns after 30-day hospital stay

Justic­e (retd) Saeedu­z Zaman Siddiq­ui

December 16, 2016

Bilawal turns up the heat on Nawaz

Says PPP will take to street­s if four demand­s are not fulfil­led by Dec 27

December 14, 2016

Despite its rising status, Gwadar suffers from water crunch

Reside­nts say suppli­es are restri­cted to one hour every week; dam water drying up

December 8, 2016