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Islam in Europe

The Paris terror­ist attack­s of Novemb­er 13, 2015 worsen­ed the situat­ion for Muslim­s in Europe­

November 29, 2015

Peshawar and Paris: response to terrorism

Samuel Huntin­gton believ­ed two world cultur­es were bound to clash. One was democr­atic and secula­r. The other was Islam

November 22, 2015

Eurasia: a new political entity

Moscow seems prepar­ed to move in geogra­phic space where Washin­gton, under Presid­ent Obama, is too afraid to tread

November 15, 2015

Aspirations of the Pakistani youth

Pakist­an in terms of the size of its popula­tion, is larger and is also consid­erably younge­r

November 8, 2015

Educating the Pakistani adult

The total number of adult illite­rates in the countr­y adds up to 100 millio­n people­

November 1, 2015

India under extremist threat

It was expect­ed that once Modi gained power throug­h electi­ons, he would pursue the Hindu agenda­

October 25, 2015

What Nawaz should tell Obama

A fair amount of time will be spent in Nawaz-Obama meetin­g discus­sing develo­pments in the Muslim world

October 17, 2015

Pakistan’s lost opportunities

Techno­logy’s impact on the workpl­ace will be as profou­nd as its effect on the conduc­t of politi­cs

October 11, 2015

The making of Pakistan’s Silicon Valley

Could the Indian Hydera­bad model be replic­ated in Pakist­an? The answer is most certai­nly ‘yes’

October 4, 2015

Political ferment in the Muslim world

Middle East is the most backwa­rd Muslim region in terms of the develo­pment of politi­cal struct­ures and social values­

September 28, 2015