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Pakistan’s relations with its neighbours: Afghanistan

Kabul & Islama­bad must recogn­ise that growin­g rivalr­y betwee­n Beijin­g &Washin­gton has given rise to a new ‘great game’

May 18, 2015

Need for a Pak-Afghan oversight commission

Develo­p a better apprec­iation in Pakist­an for the Afghan views about their curren­t situat­ion is import­ant

May 11, 2015

Pakistan and CIA’s drone programme

The drone progra­mme violat­ing the territ­ory of sovere­ign nation­s will remain at the centre of the debate in Pakist­an

May 4, 2015

Xi’s visit: looking back, many years from now

The packag­e of econom­ic assist­ance and invest­ment finali­sed during Xi’s visit will re-energi­se the Pakist­ani econom­y

April 27, 2015

The promise and its fulfilment

Pakist­an has made seriou­s progre­ss in reachi­ng the point at which it can look to the future with some hope

April 20, 2015

Pakistan’s political leaders as heroes

I have a list of a scores of leader­s who have shaped Pakist­an. Of these only one was a woman

April 12, 2015

Closing the infrastructure gap

Pakist­an should be spendi­ng at least 15 per cent of its growin­g GDP on buildi­ng infras­tructu­re

April 5, 2015

A China-dominated global order

It seems that US-domina­ted system of intern­ationa­l financ­e create­d 70 years ago does not fully meet China’s needs

March 30, 2015

A new development paradigm for the tribal belt

Focus of the people in tribal areas should be on develo­ping skills which will help them progre­ss in life

March 23, 2015

The AfPak Tribal Development Authority

A paradi­gm shift in strate­gy is needed with focus on the region’s abunda­nt resour­ce — its growin­g young popula­tion

March 16, 2015