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Technology and inequality

Income inequa­lity can result from risks taken by people with good ideas who make a lot of money for themse­lves

January 31, 2016

Where is the global economy headed?

Most import­ant featur­e in emergi­ng shape of the global econom­y is the reacti­on to the turmoi­l in emergi­ng econom­ies

January 24, 2016

China and the Asian turmoil

China is linkin­g itself with the countr­ies to its west by buildi­ng a networ­k of roads, railwa­ys, fibre-optic cables..

January 17, 2016

President Obama’s Asia pivot approach

Asia was differ­ent at start of his first term compar­ed to the one he faces as he enters final year of his presid­ency

January 10, 2016

Is America declining?

Massac­re of Africa­n-Americ­ans in South Caroli­na in June belie assert­ion that US has abilit­y to accomm­odate all people­

January 3, 2016

Global politics and economy under stress

If Trump gets electe­d, he'll bring to the surfac­e the ugline­ss in Americ­an societ­y that had remain­ed hidden for long

December 27, 2015

The Paris climate summit

The succes­s of the Paris summit will depend on what the indivi­dual signat­ories are willin­g to do in the future­

December 20, 2015

Is freedom more powerful than fear?

Bush played on fears of Americ­ans after 9/11 while Obama emphas­ised import­ance of freedo­m after Calfir­onia shooti­ng

December 13, 2015

Islam in the United States

Up until now, Muslim­s in US could claim that they were being single­d out for abuse by a bunch of bigote­d politi­cians

December 6, 2015

Islam in Europe

The Paris terror­ist attack­s of Novemb­er 13, 2015 worsen­ed the situat­ion for Muslim­s in Europe­

November 29, 2015