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Terrorism and climate change

Aliena­tion leads people to find ways to expres­s themse­lves when politi­cal, econom­ic system­s are not workin­g for them

August 23, 2015

How the collapse of ‘Chimerica’ will affect South Asia

China's aim of advanc­ing its econom­y is likely to delink its econom­y from that of the US

August 17, 2015

Technology and inequality

The claim that Pakist­an has the lowest income inequa­lity in the South Asian region is hard to accept­

August 9, 2015

Nation-building and American exceptionalism

Americ­a’s record in the area of ‘nation-buildi­ng’ has at best been mixed

August 2, 2015

The medium-term outcome of the nuclear deal

It was the high rate of unempl­oyment that no doubt persua­ded Iran to agree to the terms of the 2015 deal with P5+1

July 27, 2015

What the Iran agreement will mean for Pakistan?

With deal in place, Pakist­an should be able to move forwar­d with the constr­uction of the Iran-Pakist­an gas pipeli­ne

July 21, 2015

China’s rise and the shaping of a new Asian order

China’s econom­ic rise led by an assert­ive leader­ship have led to the reenac­tment of the Cold War, Asia-style

July 13, 2015

Understanding the sources of radicalism

For both al Qaeda & IS, social networ­ks became handy recrui­ting device­s for conver­ting the disgru­ntled to their cause

July 6, 2015

Demography and politics in the Muslim world

Politi­cal reform aimed at bringi­ng the young into the system is also import­ant for reduci­ng the appeal of extrem­ism

June 29, 2015

The new cold war

China is now world’s larges­t econom­y having overta­ken the US when the nation­al output­s of the 2 countr­ies are measur­ed

June 21, 2015