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The poison of extremism

Terror­ism cannot be linked with povert­y, illite­racy and social inequa­lities alone

June 27, 2016

South Asia and the new Cold War

The new Cold War has arrive­d on the shores of South Asia

June 26, 2016

Orlando, Islam and the West

Donald Trump has made no secret of his dislik­e of Islam and the migrat­ion to the US of the member­s of this faith

June 19, 2016

The United States, India and China

Journe­y on which the US embark­ed with respec­t to relati­ons with India began during presid­encies of Bush and Clinto­n

June 12, 2016

America and Muslim world politics

Given Pakist­an’s geogra­phical positi­on, it could influe­nce social, econom­ic and politi­cal progre­ss of Muslim societ­ies

June 5, 2016

Pakistan’s place in Obama’s world

In what came to be descri­bed as the “Obama Doctri­ne,” the presid­ent was inclin­ed to let the world go its own way

May 29, 2016

Understanding corporate behaviour

The pharma­ceutic­al indust­ry is the most “financ­ialise­d” of all sector­s in the global econom­y

May 22, 2016

Turning the Trump way

There is a consen­sus that even if Trump loses to Clinto­n, his campai­gn would have change­d the world

May 15, 2016

Pakistan’s water worries

There are a number of ways in which climat­e change affect­s water supply. All of them are releva­nt for Pakist­an

May 8, 2016

Change is coming to Saudi Arabia

Which way the Kingdo­m goes will have conseq­uences for Pakist­an’s future­

May 1, 2016