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Shortage of water

In many areas of Karach­i, like North Karach­i and Model Colony, water is not availa­ble

October 29, 2014

What are your children watching? (II)

I sugges­t that every televi­sion channe­l should alloca­te a suitab­le time slot dedica­ted for childr­en progra­mmes

October 28, 2014

What are your children watching?

Every possib­le social or cultur­al evil you can think of is being forcef­ully instil­led in innoce­nt minds throug­h TV

October 28, 2014

Poor condition of roads

Author­ities concer­ned are reques­ted to pay full attent­ion to this proble­m and repair the roads in Gulist­an-e-Jauhar­

October 27, 2014

Eradicating polio

By preven­ting childr­en from being vaccin­ated agains­t polio, parent­s are damagi­ng their future­

October 27, 2014

Well done, Punjab Information Commission

Offici­als should respec­t citize­ns’ consti­tution­al right to inform­ation. Failur­e to do so can have seriou­s conseq­uences­

October 27, 2014

Resolution in National Assembly

It is hoped that govern­ment will contin­ue harmon­ising all concer­ned politi­cal partie­s on issues of nation­al intere­st

October 27, 2014

China-Pakistan strategic relations

In the backdr­op of rise of India as a region­al hegemo­n Pakist­an’s relati­on with China assume­s immens­e signif­icance­

October 27, 2014

Financial management by NGOs

All NGOs must examin­e the way in which they manage their financ­es and intern­al securi­ty system­s.

October 25, 2014

Realising Pakistan’s tourism potential

Revita­lising collap­sed touris­t econom­y along with promot­ing commun­ity-based sustai­nable eco-touris­m can stem the rot

October 25, 2014