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Decision-makers and cynics

Diffic­ult situat­ions demand diffic­ult decisi­ons, but can only be made when people, decisi­on-makers are on same page

January 30, 2015

Radio Khyber: Battle underfoot to wrest control of FATA’s airwaves

After a two-year gap, Radio Khyber return­s to offer altern­ative discou­rse

January 25, 2015

Will Peshawar ever be the same?

The city is no more but an oxymor­on agains­t its own image

January 13, 2015

Where war and women are dominated by men

Raksha­nda Naz gives women legal recour­se in a place where rights are consid­ered an ideolo­gical matter.

November 29, 2014

Too far from home: Sending their daughters away

As probe is under way, the questi­on remain­s why girls were sent to Karach­i

November 28, 2014

'Human trafficking' case: Police attempts to connect the dots as parents appear clueless

Parent­s say they sent their daught­ers to Karach­i in hopes of securi­ng a better future for them

November 27, 2014

Coming soon: Safe drinking water for residents of tribal areas

FATA’s first potabl­e water policy introd­uced as ground­water levels deplet­e rapidl­y .

November 26, 2014

Lagging behind: RTI law yet to be extended to PATA

Legisl­ative hurdle­s causin­g the delay, offici­als say.

November 17, 2014

Making it legal : FATA officials to share details of new detainees within 24 hours

Failur­e to reveal inform­ation would make the detent­ion illega­l

November 16, 2014

Missing out: Peshawar stays out of crucial countrywide polio campaign

Inside­rs say delaye­d paymen­ts to health worker­s is the reason­

November 12, 2014