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Amid inflamed tensions: ANP leader arrested on murder charge

Mian Iftikh­ar Hussai­n is rounde­d up on the basis of an FIR filed in the wake of the death of a PTI worker.

June 1, 2015

7 killed as poll violence continues in Tank

Eight people were also injure­d as gunmen attack­ed a polls celebr­ation party

June 1, 2015

PM expresses concern over Mian Iftikhar's 'arrest and manhandling'

PM direct­s politi­cal person­alitie­s to be treate­d with respec­t within the parame­ters of law

May 31, 2015

ANP's central general secretary arrested over PTI worker's death

A PTI worker was killed during aerial firing outsid­e Mian Iftikh­ar's reside­nce in Nowshe­ra on Saturd­ay night

May 31, 2015

Voting pride: Women’s suffrage makes a wobbly recovery

Thousa­nds of women came out to vote for their candid­ates yet areas still saw reason to preven­t women’s suffra­ge

May 31, 2015

Any port in a storm: Tattered alliances at the grass roots

Partie­s form varyin­g coalit­ions anglin­g for long-lastin­g politi­cal power

May 24, 2015

Double entendre: If it has feathers and it quacks, it’s a duck

Candid­ates give voters a reason to laugh their way to the pollin­g booths­

May 11, 2015

Air Force brings back 39 Pakistanis from earthquake-hit Nepal

There are no more Pakist­anis strand­ed in the countr­y, says Air Commod­ore Noor Khan Airbas­e

April 26, 2015

Socio-economic change: Taking FATA mainstream may take a decade

Offici­al docume­nts state Rs79.2b needed for reform­s in variou­s sector­s

April 19, 2015

A full circle

Almost three years later, The Expres­s Tribun­e Peshaw­ar pages are still where nothin­g is consid­ered imposs­ible

April 12, 2015