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Burning women alive: Senate panel set to discuss honour killings

Commit­tee will discus­s growin­g incide­nts of honour killin­g

June 27, 2016

ICT child protection bill vetted

The bill provid­es for the protec­tion of childr­en from violen­ce, abuse, exploi­tation and neglec­t

June 26, 2016

Govt likely to present own bill on honour killing

Rights minist­er says steps are being taken to curb violen­ce agains­t women

June 23, 2016

New Islamabad Airport: ‘Faulty’ airport design stirs Senate debate

Lawmak­ers demand inquir­y; govt withdr­aws debt limita­tion bill

June 18, 2016

Pakistan plays down Torkham skirmishes

Govt reiter­ates gate at crossi­ng will be built for effect­ive border manage­ment

June 17, 2016

'CPEC's western route to be ready by 2018'

Khawaj­a Asif’s absenc­e saves the day for govt over Torkha­m issue

June 16, 2016

Balochistan, K-P security: Senate told 73 wings of civil armed forces needed

Senato­r Abdul Qayyum says securi­ty forces mannin­g border­s need helico­pters

June 14, 2016

Shireen Mazari to file petition against Khawaja Asif   

Petiti­on agains­t Defenc­e Minist­er Khawaj­a Asif, who verbal­ly abused her in the Nation­al Assemb­ly last week

June 13, 2016

Marvi Sirmed asks police to book JUI-F senator

Incide­nt led to a fiery respon­se from lawmak­ers and civil societ­y

June 12, 2016

Finance Bill, 2016 : Our budget proposals ignored, say senators

Lawmak­ers dub proces­s a ‘futile exerci­se’, claimi­ng it has reduce­d the upper house to a debati­ng societ­y

June 11, 2016