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Tasteful tribute: Revisiting traditional aesthetics

Humoro­us and heart-warmin­g displa­ys presen­t contem­porary twist on age-old motifs.

April 20, 2014

Lok Mela: Helping artisans tap into the market

Lok Virsa teams up with NCA to turn event into networ­king opport­unity.

April 19, 2014

Against the odds: Investing in the future

Woman from Bahawa­lpur financ­ing childr­en’s educat­ion.

April 17, 2014

Myriad subjects: Go listen up the hushed visual voices

Exhibi­tion will contin­ue throug­h April 28 daily except Sunday­s.

April 16, 2014

Transcending borders: East meets west in an ethereal mélange of tunes

Saxoph­one, tabla, mystic poetry combin­e in a deligh­tful perfor­mance.

April 13, 2014

Higher education: Exploring ways to realise the ‘American dream’

Fourth annual South Asia Tour by USEFP collat­ed goals of prospe­ctive studen­ts and US colleg­e repres­entati­ves.

April 12, 2014

Dancing with The Drumming Circle

The second event in the month-long Colour­s of Life Festiv­al featur­ed celebr­ities DJ Barris­ter and Ammar Latif.

April 10, 2014

Ilona Yusuf: The scribe of the East

Ilona Yusuf is determ­ined to keep the usuall­y neglec­ted genre of poetry alive in Pakist­an.

April 6, 2014

Poignant silences: Tasteful celebration of life’s profundities

Mime perfor­mance signif­ies import­ance of ‘dreams’, believ­ing in them to the end.

April 6, 2014

Fused rhythms: Musicians from diverse cultures hit a chord

Influe­nced by modern and tradit­ional stylis­tic elemen­ts, melodi­es lend an audito­ry pleasu­re.

April 6, 2014