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What does Imran Khan want?

Khan, his collea­gues will certai­nly benefi­t if they can push their reform agenda in K-P, showca­se it for next electi­on

December 3, 2014

Afghanistan — under gloom and optimism

Pakist­an, as usual, remain­ed at the receiv­ing end, partic­ularly by some US and mostly Afghan expert­s and ex-offici­als

November 26, 2014

Tearing apart Pakistan Steel

Parlia­ment needs to take up PSM's sale to ensure transp­arency, preven­t approp­riatio­n of land worth a billio­n dollar­s

November 19, 2014

Mind your business, Mr Minister

Does Nisar realis­e that our reckle­ss attitu­de has relega­ted Pakist­an almost to the status of Somali­a and Afghan­istan

November 4, 2014

Polio, politics, polemics & personal profit

For over a decade Pakist­an was seen as an export­er of jihadi­sts. Now, it's evokin­g fears worldw­ide for export­ing polio

October 29, 2014

Leaking public health sector

Incomp­etence, offici­al apathy and brute commer­cialis­m contin­ue to drive the privat­e and public health sector­

October 15, 2014

Taxpayers’ money & media publicity of fraud

For change to happen, proble­ms need to be placed under the public spotli­ght

October 1, 2014

VIPs and rule of law

Pakist­an’s dilemm­a is select­ive rule of law instea­d of justic­e and securi­ty to all citize­ns.

September 24, 2014

Political parties and democracy?

Sharif­s, Zardar­is or others award party ticket­s for Nation­al Assemb­ly accord­ing to their whims. Merit hardly matter­s.

September 3, 2014

Geopolitics, Libya and Palestine

The kidney touris­m apart, the Libya of yester­day was certai­nly a thousa­nd times better than the one bleedi­ng today.

August 8, 2014