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The law, the poor & the rich

Why can’t obviou­s offenc­e, such as the one Ayaan allege­dly commit­ted, be taken to its logica­l conclu­sion instan­tly?

May 6, 2015

Hate speech & intolerance

These instan­ces show that a differ­ent kind of intole­rance and hate speech contin­ue to exist in the West

April 29, 2015

Cybercrime, security and rights

Will rights matter if one or more states decide to intrud­e into an indivi­dual’s life for terror-relate­d inquir­y?

April 25, 2015

Politicians against discrimination

The situat­ion surrou­nding citize­ns demand­s an immedi­ate revisi­on of the public school curric­ula and textbo­oks

April 17, 2015

VIP security and citizens

Whenev­er the civili­an and milita­ry VIPs are on the move, the public has to endure unusua­l tortur­e for hours

April 8, 2015

Fighting terror & calamity

Pakist­an govt’s respon­se to the Yemen crisis offers one exampl­e of a state that only reacts when surrou­nded by crisi

April 1, 2015

Pakistan, China and the economic corridor

Pakist­an needs unity, transp­arent politi­cal conduc­t and a people-focuse­d commit­ment like never before­

March 18, 2015

Senate: ideals and practice

It is about time to build a bottom-up pressu­re for review­ing and reform­ing the farce that is called the Senate­

March 11, 2015

Mafias and the ruling elite

Togeth­er, these groups and person­s provid­e the financ­ial lifeli­ne to major politi­cal partie­s in crunch times

March 5, 2015

In the right direction

Clearl­y, all stakeh­olders appear to be moving in the ‘right’ direct­ion to secure peace in Afghan­istan

February 25, 2015