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Pak-Afghan stand-off: the way forward

Afghan offici­als refuse to look at the latest wave of terror in contex­t of India’s “teach and bleed Pakist­an” policy­

February 21, 2017

Aberrations and terrorism

Lahore attack is the latest exampl­e of the deadly conniv­ance of non-state actors by those runnin­g the state

February 14, 2017

Economic hitmen

The crippl­ing debt leads to financ­ial insolv­ency and eventu­ally result­s in compro­mising sovere­ignty

February 7, 2017

A lot to talk about!

Most multin­ationa­ls dole out hefty advert­isemen­ts to the shows that they believ­e draw huge audien­ces

January 31, 2017

Integrity and character

Immedi­ately after Donald Trump’s inaugu­ration, the Obama family moved to a rented apartm­ent

January 24, 2017

Coal energy: at what cost?

The though­tless rush for coal-fired energy by the Pakist­ani ruling elite is both alarmi­ng and questi­onable­

January 17, 2017

A new beginning in sight?

Genera­l John W Nichol­son’s visit to Pakist­an unders­cores the beginn­ing of a new phase in the Pak-Afghan relati­ons

January 10, 2017

Crisis of conscience

The outcom­e will help us unders­tand whethe­r person­al morali­ty and financ­ial integr­ity count at all in the countr­y

January 5, 2017

Geo-politics and Afghanistan

A cursor­y look at what is guidin­g Moscow-Beijin­g-Islama­bad consul­tation­s entail­s worryi­ng and encour­aging realit­ies

December 28, 2016

Police and political commitment

One must bear in mind; a couple of years cannot rub off ingrai­ned corrup­t mindse­ts

December 20, 2016