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Reforms need courage

The law and order in K-P seems to have improv­ed but this is not the police's job alone

April 26, 2016

Countering extremist mindset

Ruling elites shall have to stop pander­ing to religi­o-politi­cal lobbie­s that abhor the presen­t edific­e of Pakist­an

April 19, 2016

CPEC: paradoxical approaches

Has the govern­ment alloca­ted enough funds for the public school­s to disinc­entivi­se privat­e madras­sa educat­ion?

April 12, 2016

Any judicial reforms in sight?

Can the top judici­ary propos­e measur­es to preven­t the collus­ion betwee­n lawyer­s and the subord­inate judici­ary?

April 5, 2016

Black Sunday — any lessons?

Will the govern­ment, for the sake of “peace”, barter away some of the fundam­ental rights of the citize­ns?

March 30, 2016

Tamil rebellion: lessons for Pakistan

Victor­y Day celebr­ations amount to rubbin­g more salt into the wounds of Tamils­

March 22, 2016

The leaking taxation regime

What about rest of the doctor­s and lawyer­s? Why does the FBR not move agains­t them?

March 15, 2016

Intelligence cooperation: a game changer?

Inform­ation sharin­g can genera­te a moment­um of its own and work to the benefi­t of both India and Pakist­an

March 8, 2016

Clouds over the peace process

Hamid Karzai looms large over the politi­cal scene in Afghan­istan and is revere­d by the majori­ty as ‘Rahbar’

March 1, 2016

Travels at the expense of the national exchequer

I had to cough up embass­y funds to entert­ain guests accomp­anying former PM Shauka­t Aziz on his severa­l visits abroad­

February 23, 2016