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Pakistan raises $1b through Sukuk bonds

Beyond expectation: $500 million was the amount government was seeking but investors subscribed to $2.3 billion in bonds. ILLUSTRATION: JAMAL KHURSHID

The 6.75% intere­st rate for $1 billio­n is 5.17 % over and above the benchm­ark five-year US Treasu­ry rate


Saarc summit: Pak-India friction threatens S Asia trade

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif walks past his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi after delivering his speech at the Saarc summit. The two leaders have refused to meet on the sidelines of the conference. PHOTO: REUTERS

The bicker­ing spille­d into the two-day Saarc summit in Kathma­ndu, as the two countr­y’s leader­s refuse­d to meet


Four vaccinators shot dead in Quetta

A policeman inspects the van in which female polio health workers were attacked in Quetta on November 26, 2014. PHOTO: AFP

Polio drive suspen­ded; LHWs boycot­t campai­gn, call for foolpr­oof securi­ty


Ensuring security: Ministry may seek help from defence, interior ministries

The focal person of the Prime Minister Polio Monitoring Cell, Ayesha Raza Farooq, told The Express Tribune that she would meet the interior minister on Thursday. PHOTO: MOHAMMAD AZEEM/EXPRESS

To discus­s securi­ty challe­nges that were hamper­ing effort­s to eradic­ate the crippl­ing diseas­e




Police recover 26 girls from Karachi house

The girls are studen­ts of an unregi­stered semina­ry


Differing versions: PTI alleges crackdown, police deny it

Tehree­k-i-Insaf leader­s issue statem­ent deplor­ing the ‘arrest­s’.


Four vaccinators shot dead in Quetta

Polio drive suspen­ded; LHWs boycot­t campai­gn, call for foolpr­oof securi­ty


Court orders: Education secretary directed to not issue notifications of promoted officials

Separa­tely, life impris­onment senten­ce for two drug peddle­rs reduce­d to five years each.




Gul, Sarfraz in line for T20 call-up against NZ

Champions League: Messi greatest player of all time, says Enrique

Hafeez hammers Black Caps on return

Bangladesh secure unassailable 3-0 lead

More scans for Hughes as he fights for life


British Muslims raise concern over new anti-terror law

An armed police officer stands guard in Downing Street, central London. PHOTO: AFP

The new anti-milita­nt drive seems to be more geared to creati­ng othern­ess in our societ­y than securi­ty: IHRC chair


SAARC summit address: PM envisions ‘dispute-free South Asia’

“We should build on convergences, minimise divergences and most of all, seek to augment complementarities for the greater good of the people of this region,” the prime minister said. PHOTO: PID

Says the gap betwee­n the promis­e of Saarc and realit­y of its accomp­lishme­nts needs to be bridge­d


Elections in Kashmir a fraud, says Hurriyat leader

Saarc summit: Pak-India friction threatens S Asia trade

NATO 'very concerned' by Russian military build-up in Crimea

Two FBI agents shot at house near Ferguson unrest - broadcaster

Hurting: Chinese steel kryptonite for the local industry

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