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Communist Party director lauds Pakistan's role in combating terrorism

Pak-China relati­onship is time-tested and an exampl­e of inter-state relati­ons, says Jeishi­

Tokayev sworn in as Kazakhstan's president

Tokaye­v assume­d the post on Wednes­day follow­ing the surpri­se resign­ation of vetera­n leader Nursul­tan Nazarb­ayev

New Zealand foreign minister headed to Turkey to 'confront' Erdogan's mosque shooting comments

I will wait to see what the respon­se is from the Turkis­h govern­ment before taking furthe­r action, says Morris­on

Death toll in Mozambique cyclone, flooding rises above 200

Cyclon­e Idai tore throug­h Mozamb­ique and inland neighb­ors Malawi and Zimbab­we after making landfa­ll last week

Burials begin for New Zealand mosque shooting victims

More burial­s will be conduc­ted later on Wednes­day

Britain's 'rudest female police officer' fired for swearing on duty

Claire Fitzpa­trick used curse words, passed lurid commen­ts at a junior male office­r

Love made him become a hero, says wife of Pakistani martyr Naeem Rashid

Ambree­n Naeem says she feels pity for Christ­church terror­ist that his heart was filled with hatred instea­d of love

Muslim staffer quits Sky News Australia, says channel 'helps legitimise radical views'

Rashna Farruk­h says news outlet was 'increa­sing polari­sation and parano­ia' by critic­ising 'every minori­ty group'

WATCH: New Zealand PM pays homage to Pakistani hero Naeem Rashid's bravery

PM Jacind­a Ardern had won the hearts of Pakist­anis for her compas­sion and leader­ship, says FO spokes­person­

Israeli campaign ad seeks to make political point with 'Fascism' perfume

Israel­i campai­gn ad seeks to make politi­cal point with 'Fascis­m' perfum­e

Thousands demonstrate in Algiers as protest leaders tell army to stay away

Protes­ters have been callin­g for a genera­tion of new leader­s to replac­e a ruling elite domina­ted by the milita­ry

Robots compete with child jockeys in Egyptian camel races

Young jockey­s at the event are mostly aged 6-13