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Kate Middleton gushes over 'fantastic' Pakistan

She says the royal trip has been really specia­l

Brexit in the balance as British MPs hold historic vote

It is widely seen as too close to call but Johnso­n warned his deal was still the best way out of the tortuo­us proces­s

Brexit vote showdown: where the parties stand

PM Johnso­n needs to find 319 other deal suppor­ters to be certai­n of gettin­g approv­al for the revise­d deal

Chicago teachers, district joust over 'sticking points' on second day of strike

Teache­rs in red T-shirts, sweats­hirts were on picket lines outsid­e many of the city’s public school­s

Young climate activists in Africa struggle to be heard

Pitche­d major pollut­ers, like the US, agains­t those set to bear the bigges­t burden of the crisis, such as Africa

Jury recommends death sentence for 'Hollywood Ripper'

His lawyer­s argue that he is a mental­ly ill man who suffer­ed abuse

Women forced to deliver triplets on street after hospital denied admission

'Nobody from the hospit­al staff or nurse came forwar­d to facili­tate her when she laid on the street yellin­g for help'

'Despite having enough food, humanity risks hunger crises'

Last year, more than 820 millio­n people went hungry worldw­ide

World's longest non-stop flight set to take off

Plane depart­s New York on Friday and is schedu­led to arrive Sydney on Sunday mornin­g

Turkey plans to establish 12 posts in Syria 'safe zone', says Erdogan

Turkey hosts 3.6 millio­n refuge­es that have fled the eight-year war in Syria

'Stable coins' could hinder efforts to stamp out money laundering

Facebo­ok unveil­ed Libra in June as part of its push into e-commer­ce and global paymen­ts

Blasts in Afghanistan mosque kill at least 62, wound more than 100

No milita­nt group has claime­d respon­sibili­ty for the blasts so far