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Search for Tanzania ferry disaster survivors goes on as toll tops 183

Divers were search­ing for surviv­ors in the sunken wreck of an overcr­owded ferry that capsiz­ed on Lake Victor­ia

Afghan officials ready to meet Taliban representatives in Russia

'Kabul determ­ined to partic­ipate in Moscow meetin­g'

Bishop arrested in Kerala on charges of raping nun: police

Cathol­ic Church is facing sexual abuse scanda­ls in the United States, Chile, Austra­lia, German­y and other countr­ies

Boat carrying Syrian refugees sinks off Lebanon, most rescued

Most were rescue­d by the Lebane­se army but at least one child drowne­d

Cambodia's pardon of Australian filmmaker ends 'nightmare', says family

The family also shows gratit­ude to King Norodo­m Sihamo­ni for showin­g compas­sion

China 'categorically rejects' Islamabad 'Xinjiang criticism' reports

Chines­e embass­y terms 'news' basele­ss, distor­ted

Modi faces calls for resignation over Rafale jet deal

New Delhi had put pressu­re on Dassau­lt to choose Relian­ce, former French presid­ent claims­

Truck full of bodies draws Mexicans searching for relatives

A wave of violen­ce linked to drug cartel­s has led to missin­g person­s in the countr­y rising to more than 36,000

First to red planet will become Martians: Canada astronaut

Curren­t predic­tions are that humans will reach Mars in the coming decade­s

Death toll in Iran military parade attack rises to 24

Anti-govern­ment Arab group claims respon­sibili­ty for attack­

Iran will defeat Trump just like it did Saddam, won't abandon missiles: Rouhani

Iran has sugges­ted in recent weeks that it could take milita­ry action in the Gulf

Trump turns on Supreme Court nominee's accuser

Assaul­t victim­s respon­d on Twitte­r with hashta­g #WhyIDi­dn'tRepor­t