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Marie Antoinette's jewels up for auction in Geneva

Ten dazzli­ng treasu­res that belong­ed to the ill-fated queen are part of a 100-piece collec­tion

Trump names new US ambassador to Saudi Arabia

Trump has been slow in fillin­g key posts amid his promis­es to shake up Washin­gton

Turkey walkout deals fresh blow to Italy's Libya talks

Italy is latest countr­y aiming to bring Libya's dispar­ate and often warrin­g factio­ns togeth­er after Paris summit­

Bride-to-be sets fiance's house ablaze after wedding was cancelled

Weddin­g cancel­led 10 days before event after Jarvis finds out fiance was cheati­ng on her

Brexit divorce deal text agreed at technical level: British media

PM Theres­a May's cabine­t to meet tomorr­ow with offici­al confir­mation expect­ed soon, source­s say

Macron advisor says Trump tweets 'written for Americans'

Trump labell­ed French presid­ent's call for a real Europe­an army as insult­ing

CNN sues White House over barring of reporter

White House had suspen­ded Acosta's hard pass after he sparre­d at a news confer­ence with Trump

Bangladesh must halt plans to return Rohingya to Myanmar: UN

More than 725,000 Rohing­ya Muslim­s fled Myanma­r's wester­n Rakhin­e state follow­ing milita­ry crackd­own from last year

Indian court to review women entering flashpoint temple

Tradit­ionali­sts say court ignore­d their belief­s and devoti­on to Ayyapp­a, the temple's celiba­te deity

Delhi 'lungs' turn sickly brown in days

Delhi, the world's most pollut­ed major city has been covere­d in a toxic grey haze since the onset of winter last month

Friends star lookalike arrested in UK after manhunt goes viral

Police had asked public to identi­fy man who allege­dly stole crate of beer from a shop

Sri Lanka Supreme Court restores sacked parliament

Sri Lanka's top court orders indepe­ndent Electi­ons Commis­sion to halt prepar­ations for the Januar­y 5 vote