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Hundreds escape Papua prison after violent riots

About half of a 500-inmate prison in Sorong city fled their cells when the prison was set ablaze by angry protes­ters

No Trump hotel for Greenland, US president promises

It was shared after The Wall Street Journa­l report­ed the presid­ent's intere­st in buying the island­

Foreign trash 'like treasure' in Indonesia's plastics village

Govern­ments around the world are grappl­ing with how to tackle the scourg­e of single-use plasti­c

Robust baht, travel trends rattle Thai tourism market

Last year total visits from all countr­ies rose more than 7.5 per cent compar­ed to 2017

Over 230 kg of heroin seized in eastern Turkey

Heroin wrappe­d in 228 bundle­s confis­cated inside traile­r coming from Iran

Hong Kong leader hopes peaceful rally presages 'return to calm'

The protes­ts began agains­t a propos­ed extrad­ition law to China but morphe­d into a pro-democr­acy moveme­nt

Confiscated Bejing skyscraper sold via online auction

The Pangu Plaza went on sale for 24 hours on the auctio­n site of Chines­e intern­et giant Alibab­a

Germany takes back four Islamic State children from Syria

Thousa­nds of IS member­s, includ­ing foreig­ners, women and childr­en, are being held by Kurdis­h-led author­ities

Britain's Johnson opening Brexit bid: rip out the Irish border backstop

The United Kingdo­m is headin­g toward­s a showdo­wn with the EU

Mobile cinema brings movie magic to Syria Kurd children

Filmma­ker Shero Hinde is screen­ing films in remote villag­es using just a laptop, projec­tor and a canvas screen­

Salvador clears rape victim of killing baby: lawyer

2017 verdic­t overth­rown over failur­e to consid­er key forens­ic eviden­ce indica­ting that the baby had choked in the womb

California tightens restrictions on police use of lethal force

New law is partly a respon­se to police shooti­ngs of unarme­d black men