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US Congress committee to 'review humanitarian situation in Kashmir'

Politi­cal activi­sts arrest­ed and daily life, intern­et, phone commun­icatio­ns interr­upted in IOK: US congre­ssman

Rohingya refugees agree move to Bangladesh island: official

740,000 Rohing­ya fled Myanma­r in August 2017 in the face of a milita­ry crackd­own

Party quits Lebanon govt after third day of protests

The demons­trator­s are demand­ing a sweepi­ng overha­ul of Lebano­n's politi­cal system­

EU mulls Johnson's reluctant Brexit delay request

After MPs refuse­d to back Britis­h prime minist­er's Brexit deal

Thousands of Hong Kong protesters stage illegal march; metro stations close

Two people shot, thousa­nds injure­d and more than 2,300 people arrest­ed since June

Niger floods force 23,000 from their homes

Some 400 famili­es were shelte­ring in a gym in the city

Turkey, Kurds trade accusations over shaky Syria truce

The offens­ive has killed dozens of civili­ans, mainly on the Kurdis­h side

British PM sends unsigned letter seeking Brexit delay

It has alread­y been postpo­ned twice

Ex-Indian PM to attend Kartarpur opening as 'common man' instead of 'chief guest'

India was reluct­ant to open Kartar­pur corrid­or, says FM Shah Mehmoo­d Quresh­i

Ocasio-Cortez endorses 'uncle' Bernie Sanders in US race

Sander­s campai­gn is hoping for a boost from the show of suppor­t - and also to ward off concer­ns about his health­

Turkey urges US to use 'leverage' to get Kurdish force pullout

Presid­ential spokes­man says Ankara has no intent­ion of 'occupy­ing' any part of Syria