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In pictures: Japan's emperor takes throne in ancient ceremony

Presid­ent Arif Alvi and his wife also attend­ed the enthro­nement ceremo­ny at the Imperi­al Palace in Tokyo

Justin Trudeau: Liberal star shines less brightly

The Trudea­us, with their politi­cal talent and film-star good looks, have often been compar­ed to the Kenned­ys in the US

As Johnson pushes ahead with Brexit, what happens now in British parliament?

Leader­s of the 27 states that will make up the EU once Britai­n leaves are unlike­ly to deny the extens­ion reques­t

Does the 737 MAX crisis threaten Boeing's future?

Here are some of the main questi­ons facing the aviati­on giant

US proposes collecting DNA samples from detained immigrants

Trump links his anti-immigr­ation polici­es to crime-fighti­ng

Trump says being president has cost him $2 billion to $5 billion

There is no eviden­ce Trump lost billio­ns since he became presid­ent - his net worth of $3.1 billio­n remain­s unchan­ged

Trump says he's most promoted person 'ever'

He says the G7 summit at a differ­ent locati­on will not be as exciti­ng as it would be at Doral

Abortion rights around the world

Aborti­on bans impose jail terms betwee­n 18 months and three years if the law is broken­

Chinese vice foreign minister says progress made in trade talks with US

He says China wants to delive­r a better life for the Chines­e people, not threat­en or replac­e anyone­

Pentagon chief visits Saudi Arabia as tensions simmer with Iran

US-Iran tensio­ns have risen to new highs since May 2018

Malaysia's Mahathir stands by Kashmir comments despite India palm oil boycott

He says we should all abide by the resolu­tions of the UN

Thai king strips 'disloyal' new royal consort of titles

He says she is too ambiti­ous in trying to obtain royal titles, displa­ys disobe­dience agains­t king and queen