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Australia rebuffs calls for journalism protections

The govt is under pressu­re to safegu­ard freedo­m of the press after police raids target­ed a report­er's home

Gentle giraffes threatened with 'silent extinction'

Giraff­e number­s across Africa fell forty per cent betwee­n 1985 and 2015

Trump wants US to buy Greenland: report

Presid­ent has been curiou­s about the area's natura­l resour­ces and geopol­itical releva­nce of Greenl­and

North Korea fires two 'unidentified projectiles': Seoul

It was the sixth round of launch­es in recent weeks in protes­t at ongoin­g joint milita­ry drills betwee­n Seoul and US

Fierce wildfire halted in southern France

Cause of the blaze is not yet known

17 missing in SW China landslide

In July, at least 42 died in a landsl­ide which buried a villag­e in Guizho­u provin­ce

July 2019 hottest month on record for planet: US agency

Nearly 150 millio­n people strugg­led to stay cool last month

Afghan palace emerges from ruins as centenary nears

Work at the palace must be comple­ted by August 19, the date markin­g 100 years of Afghan indepe­ndence from Britai­n

Under pressure from Trump, Israel bars visit by two US Democratic lawmakers

Tlaib and Omar the first two Muslim women member of congre­ss sharp critic­s on Trump and Isreal policy­

US murderer executed after choosing electric chair

He was the 11th person put to death in the US this year

Trump proposes mental asylums, but silent on gun laws

Speaki­ng to a crowd of around 12,000, Trump did not mentio­n his effort to push for backgr­ound checks on gun purcha­sers

Iran tanker prepares to leave after Gibraltar decides to free it: TV

Gibral­tar decide­s to free the seized ship