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Video of BJP minister groping junior colleague during Modi rally goes viral

The young woman minist­er was seen quickl­y pushin­g away the Tripur­a minist­er's hand

Pope discusses ethics of artificial intelligence with Microsoft chief

The Vatica­n says its Academ­y for Life would jointl­y sponso­r a prize with Micros­oft

Meghan Markle hounded like Diana? Hardly, British papers say

Meghan, 37, is said to have tensio­ns betwee­n her and Prince Willia­m's wife Cather­ine

Pakistan to host US-Taliban talks on Feb 18

Taliba­n delega­tion also to meet PM Imran Khan in Islama­bad

US charges former Air Force officer for spying for Iran

As part of its action, United States also sancti­oned two Iran-based firms

Suicide bomber kills 27 members of Iran's Revolutionary Guards

Bus transp­orting the securi­ty force target­ed

Austria plans tougher sentences for crimes against women

Austri­a’s ruling coalit­ion of conser­vative­s and the far right came to power on the back of Europe’s migrat­ion crisis­

Spain PM to decide on election Friday after budget rejected

The social­ist premie­r came to power thanks in part to parlia­mentar­y suppor­t from 17 Catala­n lawmak­ers

UN notified of name change to North Macedonia

The 27-year-old disput­e was finall­y settle­d in June during UN-broker­ed talks

Netanyahu meets Omani FM, hints other Arab states warming to Israel

Israel­i Prime Minist­er hint that other Arab countr­ies are also engagi­ng with Israel­

'Welcome to North Macedonia': new road signs go up on border with Greece

Greece and Macedo­nia agreed on the new name last June

Philippine journalist at odds with Duterte arrested for libel

Maria Ressa is accuse­d of cyber libel over 2012 articl­e that linked a busine­ssman to murder­