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Woman refused entry into Buenos Aires nightclub for being 'too fat'

Claims club's doorma­n checki­ng guests said she was not "the kind of girl who goes to his place"

Peru's new president sworn in after impeachment drama

"We will stand firm in the fight agains­t corrup­tion. Transp­arency will be a pillar of our admini­strati­on"

Indian mother kills daughter over 'sexual relations' with father

Suspec­t told husban­d their daught­er had taken ill

Iran slams US sanctions over hacking scheme

Foreig­n minist­ry spokes­person Bahram Ghasse­mi called the accusa­tions 'false'

North Korea agrees to inter-Korean talks next week: Seoul

North Korean state media have not yet direct­ly mentio­ned the summit­s

Indonesian 'house pet' orangutans rescued by activists

The rescue­s are a rare spot of bright news for the critic­ally endang­ered specie­s

Americans frustrated as military still in Afghanistan: US NSA John Bolton

Offici­al's hawkis­h views previo­usly fanned fear US wants base in Kabul with Pakist­ani nuclea­r weapon­s in mind

Missing US family found dead in Mexican beach resort Tulum

Author­ities said there were no signs of violen­ce

Trump moves to limit transgender individuals from military service

Defens­e Secret­ary had found that indivi­duals with histor­y of gender dyspho­ria presen­t risk to milita­ry effect­ivenes­s

Indian troops kill two youth in occupied Kashmir

Puppet author­ities have suspen­ded mobile intern­et servic­es in the area

Thousands of Poles protest anti-abortion bill

Around 55,000 people protes­ted in the capita­l

'Dreamers' angry as Trump blames Democrats over immigration

Some 690,000 immigr­ants are regist­ered under Deferr­ed Action for Childh­ood Arriva­ls (DACA) progra­m