PCB issues show cause notice to Hafeez over remarks against Amir

Published: November 27, 2015


Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) issued on Friday a show cause notice to senior batsman Mohammad Hafeez for his comments against left-arm pacer Muhammad Amir, Express News reported.

Hafeez on Saturday became the first cricketer to refuse to play alongside Muhammad Amir. “I have no personal issues with Amir or Chittagong, it’s my personal opinion that I can’t share the dressing room with someone who hurt my country’s integrity,” he said.

Muhammad Amir, who is making a comeback to an international event after a gap of more than 5 years, has already picked up six wickets in four matches, at an impressive average of 15.33.

Amir in Bangladesh on redemption road

Hafeez claimed that he rejected an offer for playing for Chittagong Vikings because he did not want to share a dressing room with a player who tainted the image of the game and the country.

“I was approached by my agent to play for the Chittagong team but when I knew that Amir was also in that team so I refused it point blank,” Hafeez told AFP.

Hafeez added, “If any other team makes me an offer then I will play the league and I have no problems facing Amir as I have played against him in the domestic matches but can’t be in the same team.”

Hafeez refuses to play in Amir’s team

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Shaharyar Khan had admitted some senior players were against the inclusion of Amir, Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif.

The trio was caught in a spot-fixing scandal on Pakistan’s tour of England in 2010 and were subsequently banned for five years. They were also jailed in Britain.

Their sanctions were lifted in September, but the PCB directed Butt and Asif to complete a roadmap only after which they will be allowed to play for Pakistan.

There was worldwide sympathy for Amir because of his age — 18 at the time of the scandal — and for the fact that he pleaded guilty.

But Hafeez said he is not ready to give his countryman any sympathy. “I had a lot of respect for all three before the incident as they were all talented but after the sordid episode I lost all respect because of their acts,” said Hafeez.

“They damaged the hopes and respect of the fans,” the batsman added.

“They were just banned and went away from the fields, it was us who had to bear the brunt.

Further, he said, “We had to restore Pakistan team’s integrity, restore the confidence of the world because in 2010 there were talks of banning our team from international cricket.”

“We had to suffer the taunts of the fans and after 2010 every act, every defeat and every mistake of ours was seen as suspicious, so we overcame that tough time and will not allow it to happen again.”

Asked what if Amir is included in the Pakistan team again, Hafeez said: “We will look at it when it happens, its premature to say anything now.”

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Reader Comments (2)

  • Psychiatrist
    Dec 3, 2015 - 5:00PM

    Yet hafeez was the player who talked against his own team when sent back from the World Cup squad. Now he has scored runs but at the same time doing a good job for the opponents by getting own batsmen run out. His record has remained poor playing away from the sub-continent…. Above all he is big headed. This statement of his has damaged the dressing room environment rather than Amir’s return.Recommend

  • Mohammed Tahir
    Dec 7, 2015 - 3:56AM

    PCB is a disgrace. I don’t know why they would support a player who sold the country over regular members of the team. Is talent the only criteria to play international cricket. Shouldn’t there be any principle or high moral standard which players should adhere to. Remember no individual is bigger than the team. Recommend

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