Broken houses, not broken dreams

Published: November 3, 2015


PHOTO: AFP We look at how the Kalash people go on with their lives following the earthquake and hope of rebuilding their homes. PHOTO: AFP

The October 26 earthquake killed hundreds of people in Pakistan, destructed as many homes and caused irreparable loss to many. With winter fast approaching, people now look to rebuild their homes and find refuge from the cold. Amidst the destruction in some of the worst hit areas of the country, the Kalash tribe strive to go on with their lives.

Here are a few photos of the tribe who continue with their daily lives as the government promises to rebuild their homes.

Kalash children take lessons in their destroyed classroom

Young Kalash boys walk past a damaged tourist hotel

A homeless family gather outside their makeshift shelter

Kalash youth play football in a village

Kalash children take lessons at a makeshift hut where their classroom used to be

Kalash girls cross a stream on their way back from school

Kalash girls outside their home in Bumburate village

 A Kalash girl stands in the entrance of her home 

A villager crosses a bridge with his donkey

Kalash children play marbles on a street

Kalash girls play outside their house


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