20 arrested in Sikh protest at India's London embassy

Protest was part of Sikh Lives Matter movement taht has sought to raise awareness of alleged police brutality in India

Afp October 23, 2015
Members of Sikh community protesting at Karachi Press Club against desecration of their holy book in Lahore on October 18, 2015. PHOTO: EXPRESS/MOHAMMAD AZEEM

LONDON: British police said they arrested 20 protesters outside the Indian High Commission in London on Thursday after a Sikh demonstration turned violent.

Hundreds of protesters blocked the road outside the embassy, London police said. One officer was hurt in the scuffles.

Enraged: Sikhs protests alleged desecration of holy book

According to the Sikh Press Association news service, the protest was part of the Sikh Lives Matter movement, which has sought to raise awareness of alleged police brutality in India.

"Whilst it was initially a peaceful protest the demonstrators blocked the roadway... and caused significant disruption to the central London road network," a Scotland Yard spokesman said.

"Police liaison officers attempted to negotiate with those present, in order to facilitate peaceful protest and minimise the disruption to the public.

"A small group of protesters became violent towards police.

"During an altercation, one officer suffered a head injury and was taken to hospital.

Raising voices: Sikhs protest against alleged desecration of holy book in India

"At this stage police believe a number of offences may have been committed. There have been 20 arrests -- the majority of which have been for affray."

In the 2011 British census, some 432,429 people said they were of the Sikh faith.


Mahesh | 6 years ago | Reply Indian's abroad are involved in "double standards". One - they have left India - this country of corruption / crime / filth to settle abroad. Two - they are making a show of solidarity with their people back in India. If they are so bothered about India, let them renounce their "foreign citizenship", return to India and fight for Indians. They won't do that because they "enjoy" the better standard of living abroad. But they make a "false show" of solidarity with Indian causes.
GTS | 6 years ago | Reply @GKA you know that is a lie. The chief minister in power in Punjab is hardly a Sikh, an is ruling the state in bed with Modi's BJP, which Sikhs vehemently oppose because of his anti-minority standing. If you are paid to spread agenda, atleast attempt a better version, which can stand on its legs.
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