White House welcomes Muslim teen falsely accused of making bomb

Ahmed Mohamed joined a group of students, astronauts and celebrities for White House Astronomy Night

Afp October 20, 2015
PHOTO: The Dallas Morning News

WASHINGTON: The Muslim teenager who was detained when his teacher mistook his homemade clock for a bomb visited the White House Monday, after a receiving a very public invite from President Barack Obama.

Ahmed Mohamed joined a group of students, teachers, scientists, astronauts and celebrities -- including the "Myth Busters" and Bill Nye -- for White House Astronomy Night.

Muslim student arrested in US after home-built clock mistaken for bomb

Mohamed had hoped to impress teachers by bringing a clock to his Texas school earlier this year, but was instead reported by suspicious staff who called the police.

A photo of Mohamed standing in handcuffs while wearing a t-shirt with the US space agency NASA's logo was retweeted thousands of times in a matter of hours and "#IStandWithAhmed" became the top trending hashtag on Twitter.

Mohamed did, however, impress Obama, who congratulated the teen on his skills, in what was seen as a pointed rebuke to school and police officials amid accusations of Islamophobia.

"Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It's what makes America great," Obama tweeted.

Sarah Palin lashes out at Muslim schoolboy over homemade clock

During remarks at Monday's event, Obama did not mention Mohamed by name, but spoke about the need for teachers, parents and others to inspire young people.

"We have to watch for and cultivate, encourage, those glimmers of curiosity and possibility, not suppress them, not squelch them," he said.


NO LIMITZ | 6 years ago | Reply You know my only question here is, When is this kid going to school... I see all these stories about places he has been, (i.e. trip to the Sudan, New York, etc... ) and people he has met, I'm only curious how many days of school he has missed... This isn't fair to those kids who have excelled and have actually accomplished something.... Where is their invitation to the White House, Mark Zuckerberg, all expenses paid to MIT... This kid got by on race and sympathy... More like he scammed the country... At Least President Obama didn't mention his name in his speech...
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