Celebrity resolutions revealed

Natasha Saleem, Annie, Juggan Kazim and other talk about hopes and dreams for 2011.

Sameen Amer January 05, 2011

Every year, people around the world resolve to improve their lives and reform bad habits as the New Year rolls in.

The ensuing 365 days yield varying degrees of success; some achieve their goals, some falter, while others can’t even recall what their resolutions were to being with. Famous people are no different. We asked celebrities about their resolutions for 2010 and whether they were able to accomplish their goals, and what they have resolved for 2011. Some said they don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions; here’s what the others had to say:

Annie Khalid - Singer :  Family comes first

2010: My New Year’s resolution for 2010…I can’t even remember what it was! I’m a bit of a procrastinator so I always start something and never finish it off.

2011: I have some really simple New Year’s resolutions. One of them is to take my brother on a holiday; I planned it last year but couldn’t do it simply because I was so tied up with many different things. My 19-year-old brother is the love of my life, I love him to death and I just want to spend some time with him because I hardly get to see him. This year I want to take him somewhere really fantastic so that’s definitely something I want to do. Also want to stay fit and spend as much time with my mum and dad.

Hammad Khan - Director : Grow bigger and better

2010: I made a resolution to complete my first film and get it out into the world. I am grateful that I achieved that goal.

2011: To grow as a human being and a filmmaker by breaking free of the comfort zones of the mind and heart. In other words, to embark on the second journey.

Natasha Saleem - vj/actress : Learn and travel

2010: I don’t think I made one. I was too busy feeling happy and grateful.

2011: To learn a foreign language and then travel to that country, or vice versa; I’m not picky that way.

Sajid Ghafoor - musician : Going with the flow

2010: My New Year's resolution for 2010 was not to have any resolution and just to go with the flow of things and see how it works.

2011: For this year I plan to change a few things I am not happy with and leave the rest as it is. Going with the flow certainly did help. Happy New Year to everyone reading this!

Juggan Kazim - model/actress : Get more sleep!

2010: My resolution for the year 2010 was to work harder and get myself to a place where I can make a decent amount of money without much work. I believe I have achieved my goal for 2010.

2011: I would like to get more sleep. Between my son and work, I have no time to breathe. I want to get ample sleep so I can feel like a human being again.

Ayesha Toor - model, actress : Wants to be a millionaire!

2010: I planned to be a multi-billionaire, but I didn't do anything to achieve it.

2011: This time I want to be a millionaire at least, but haven’t set any goals yet for achieving it.

Abbas Ali Khan - musician : Fight against fears

2010: I did not have any resolutions for 2010.

2011: I will fight my fears, get in the music scene again, grow my animation studio and be optimistic.

Sanam Agha - Fashion designer : All work and no play

2010: I did accomplish my goals for 2010, which was to launch in Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore and also in one international city, which was New York.

2011: Work wise, for 2011 I’m looking forward to the Islamabad Fashion Week and intend to supply to other stores abroad. I am also working on opening up a flagship store in Karachi, Inshallah.

Mustafa Zahid - musician : Make friends quit bad habits

2010: I made a resolution in 2010 that I will always be honest about my relationships because a lot of my friends felt that I wasn't being honest, and I accomplished it.

2011: I will make my friends quit smoking cigarettes and sheesha, in contrast to what they made me do last year.

Sana Mir - cricketer : I’ll get more active

2010: My resolution for the year 2010 was to focus on what I can do rather than what others are doing.

2011: I would like to continue the last one with an addition; to be more active and organised and not procrastinate.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 2nd, 2011.


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