Trump calls for Indian intervention if Pakistan becomes ‘unstable’

Trump refuses to reveal his plans to tackle Pakistan if it becomes a rogue nation with nuclear weapons

Web Desk September 23, 2015

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said on Tuesday the United States should use India’s help to deal with Pakistan if it becomes ‘unstable’ in the future.

“You have to get India involved. India’s the check to Pakistan,” Trump said, during his appearance on a radio talk show.

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Trump’s statement came in response to Hewitt’s question regarding what he would do if Pakistan, “the most dangerous country in the world other than Iran,” became ‘unstable’.

Asked whether he would send in US troops to neutralise Pakistan’s nuclear capability should the country go rogue, Trump replied that he would not reveal his military plans to a potential rival.

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“People can’t know exactly what your intentions are,” Trump said. “You want to have...a little bit of guess work for the enemy. This has nothing to do with lack of knowledge, because I think I know as much about Pakistan as most other people...But I will tell you, I don’t want to broadcast my intentions.”

“I want to be unpredictable with this. I don’t want to be like Obama, where he’s always saying you know, we’re going to do this in two weeks and then we’re going to do that,” he added.

However, in Trump’s opinion North Korea was a more immediate threat than Pakistan because it was already “a rogue group with nukes”.

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“I said (during the second Republican debate) we’re talking so much about Iran, and they don’t have nukes at this moment,” Trump said. “You have a madman over in North Korea who actually has nukes and he says he’s going to use them.”

This article originally appeared on Hindustan Times


sami shahid | 8 years ago | Reply Im sure this guy is crazy....Pakistan has sent terrorists back to that country from where they came....terrorists who were not ready to leave got killed ! Freedom fighters in balochistan are laying down their weapons them self ! Pakistan has increased $ 11.5 b in its foreign reserves in 2.5 years......China is investing $ 45 b in Pakistan....Gwadar is being developed...Pakistan is working on the campaign against polio ! Pakistan is working on the development of schools. We dont need intervention of any country...our own military is enough !
sami shahid | 8 years ago | Reply hahahahaha
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