Schools condemn ‘king’s rule’ by PM

Published: September 22, 2015
The National Education Council (NEC) chairperson, Syed Khalid Shah addressing a press conference. PHOTO: EXPRESS

The National Education Council (NEC) chairperson, Syed Khalid Shah addressing a press conference. PHOTO: EXPRESS


The National Education Council (NEC) chairperson, Syed Khalid Shah, termed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s orders on not to increase fees this year as a ‘king’s ruling’.

He was speaking at a press conference on the issue of fee hikes in private schools and pointed out that the PM’s decision was non-democratic. “This issue cannot be resolved by a single order. For its solution, everyone needs to sit down, talk and negotiate,” he said.

Shah also questioned why parents do not protest when universities charge hefty amounts in the name of fees and only target schools, giving the example of LUMS and NUST. “Parents should be careful when getting their children admitted to schools which they can’t afford, instead of protesting later against the high fees,” he pointed out.

The yearly fee raise is due to increasing taxes, utility bills and yearly increment in teachers’ salaries. “Many schools have to pay rent for the school building, which also increases by 10 per cent every year,” Shah added. All private schools have to meet their expenses, for which they need money, he said. Discussing the root of the issue, he said that the authorities should have set rules to regularise who can open schools and who cannot when the emergence of private schools first came into the picture. “Today, the private schools are fighting for their survival and it’s a competition between each other,” said Shah.

The NEC chairperson also said that, during the last meeting with the education minister, they made him agree to a yearly 10 per cent fee increase all over the province. Those schools which already have high fees, of which 10 per cent is a large amount, cannot increase their fee more than Rs1,500.

He also demanded the authorities only implement those rules on schools, which they can agree upon and are workable. Secondly, he asked that all taxes and charges that are implemented on industries should not be levied on schools.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 22nd,   2015.

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  • ASK
    Sep 22, 2015 - 2:57PM

    It really surprises me level of incompetence and ignorance of government officials in SIND. Top schools owner are driving in Merc’s and Audi’s and raising schools fee’s like 20 to 30% every single year and the nerve of this official is that due to taxes and utility bills. If that is the case has salary increased by 20 to 30% for all employee’s in the private and public sector. And, one more thing, school teachers are mostly underpaid by all schools which results in the tuition culture in our country for teachers to make extra money.

    Sind’s government is really something, I think everyone should move to punjab or KP. At least they are better than these theives who have done nothing for anyone except filling their pockets with public money and also taken additional loans of future public/tax revenue and now living their enjoyable lives in dubai and londonRecommend

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