Taking Karachi by storm one Hoagie at a time

King of Sandwiches Hoagies have opened their second store in Karachi's Shaheed-e-Millat

Photo: Hussain Afzal/Sundar Waqar September 21, 2015

There are probably only a handful of people in the Karachi who still haven’t sunk their teeth into delicious Hoagies but if you are one of them look no further, the king of sandwiches have opened their second store in the city.

After the raving success of their first store in Karachi’s Clifton area, Hoagies owners (and brothers) Saiem and Saad Nasir have opened a new store in Shaheed-e-Millat.

Hailed by many as the “best sandwiches in Karachi”, the stores offer hoagies, which by definition are submarine sandwiches but it gets better. With their own classic twist and a range of breads, toppings and dressings – this is the ultimate submarine sandwich the city has to offer.

Hellafat hoagie

While most restaurateurs do not believe in expanding and remain committed to one outlet, Saad tells The Express Tribune they always wanted to expand. “Good sandwiches are hard to find in this city, and we want everyone to at least have access to Hoagies,” he said.

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But why wait a year? Saad says, “It felt like the right time, we just wanted to make sure that our first shop was operating smoothly and customers were satisfied. That gave us the confidence to go for the second. The Shaheed-e-Milat outlet will make it easy for our guests to come to Hoagies from Gulshan, KDA, and PECHS side of the city.”

Saiem, who got the inspiration for Hoagies while working at a small local sandwich shop in San Francisco while in college, localised the concept for Pakistan, and nailed it.

With a rustic and warm feel to the restaurant -- brick walls, wooden furniture – the setting is perfect.

If you’re not one for sandwiches, Hoagies offers mouth-watering and healthy flat-breads as well as fried chicken. Committed to being unique, the flat-breads are also available in whole wheat options.

To the delight of all foodies, even the sides and desserts are delicious and unique -- from ‘Honkie style fries’ which you wouldn’t find anywhere else in Karachi to desserts, which boast a Nutella and peanut butter hoagie.

If this scrumptious menu won’t have you headed to the store right now, we don’t know what will.



Parvez | 8 years ago | Reply How many twists can you put on a stuffed six inch bread roll ?.........agree with Max, will give it a pass, unless hit in the face with it.
Ali | 8 years ago | Reply Are you kidding me. At least 24 million people live in Karachi and you say only a handful haven't had a Hoagie! Even Anday wala burger can't claim this honour. Karachi has all strata of people living in it not just the narrow-minded upper class.
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