Who hosed down Liaqat Bagh?

Express April 28, 2010

ISLAMABAD: The fact finding committee questioned six more policemen on Wednesday, over the hosing down of Benazir Bhutto's murder site.

It was the second session for the committee, where witnesses were questioned. Those questioned were police officials posted in key positions in the area at the time.

Former DG Military Intelligence Nadeem Ijaz, however, did not record his statement about the incident, but is expected to due so later.

The committee was formed on the directives of Prime Minister Gilani, and is expected to deliver a report at the end of a 7-day deadline.


ishaque anjum @ jalalpur jattan gujrat | 13 years ago | Reply what if you find the culprit. Do not waste nations time. Just start from three persons whom the Shaheed BB nominated in her letter. Who hosed down Liaqat Bagh is not the question in criminal investigation it should be who killed the BB and who ARE the beneficiaries after here Shahadat? by media manipulation do not confuse the matter.
KM | 13 years ago | Reply We are again being misguided into something which is only taints the investigation process, in order to get to the real culprits. "Does one think that the shooter really knew that he has a suicide bomber right beside him?" The question is NOT who was the suicide bomber, and where was he sent from? The real question is, who was the shooter, and who had sponsored him? There is alot of financing required to finance such covert activities, and who has pockets deep enough to eventually lure from such heinous crime.
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