Social media exposes you to the worst of humanity: Imran Khan

Actor reveals the ugly truth behind social media and why he chooses to stay away from these online platforms

Entertainment Desk September 18, 2015
Actor reveals the ugly truth behind social media and why he chooses to stay away from these online platforms. PHOTO: MENSXP

Of recent, B-Town celebs have become victims of trolls and severe backlash on social media. Katti Batti actor Imran Khan explains the reason behind his absence from the online platforms.

At the recent promotion of his upcoming film Katti Batti, Imran expressed his views about social media and why doesn't he use any of these mediums. "Social media exposes you to the worst of humanity," quoted Pinkvilla as him saying.

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"When people have anonymity to hide behind, when they have a username, I find that they speak in a way that they would not speak to a human being.

"It brings out an unusual amount of ugliness, of spite, of venom, and I find that seeing that side of people depresses me. You get a much worse glimpse of them on social media," he added.

The actor previously revealed that he didn't like the script for Nikhil Advani's film at first. He said, “I troubled Nikhil a lot. When I first read the script, I did not get a hold of it. I called Nikhil straightaway and said I did not like it."

But then the director described the story to him in a completely different angle which he didn’t think of when he read it.

“I started visualising the characters and the moments of the story. I’ve been in this situation. It’s like repeating my personal life,” he said.

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He is isn't the only one who sees a reflection of his life in the film, Bollywood megastar and Imran's Uncle, Aamir Khan was crying during the screening of his nephew's upcoming film.

In an interview with NDTVKatti Batti director Nikhil Advani said Aamir could hardly contain his tears. “It’s a tearjerker. The last 22 minutes and I literally had to sit and hold the tissue box for Aamir. He has copious tears! And he was crying and crying and crying,” he said.

But Aamir didn't shy away from the truth and admitted that he is an emotional person and that Katti Batti resonated with him.

“Why should I hide what kind of a person I am… I’m a highly emotional person and I’m not afraid to show it,” he said.

“It’s an extremely emotional and moving story about the beliefs one has in love and the extent to which one goes for those beliefs. It reminded me of moments from my own life.

"The film reminded me of moments that I have been through that were highly romantic, intense and obsessive,” he revealed.

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But that’s how far the actor was admitting to divulge, he refused to reveal who or which part of his life he was talking about. When questioned if he was referring to Reena, his former wife, he laughed and denied it.


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