Pakistan urges UN to take notice of ceasefire violations

Published: September 5, 2015
Pakistan's Permanent Representative in UN Maleeha Lodhi addresses the Security Council. PHOTO: INP

Pakistan's Permanent Representative in UN Maleeha Lodhi addresses the Security Council. PHOTO: INP

Pakistan on Saturday urged the United Nations to take notice of civilian casualties due to the constant ceasefire violations by Indian forces, Radio Pakistan reported.

“India violated the ceasefire agreement thirty-six times in July,” Pakistan’s permanent ambassador to the UN Maleeha Lodhi wrote in a letter to the President of UN Security Council.

She then urged UN to play its role on ‘implementation of ceasefire agreement.’

Further, she stated in the letter that “about 20 citizens were killed while 97 others were injured as a result of unprovoked firing by Indian forces in August.”

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Pakistan has on many occasions highlighted its concerns pertaining to ongoing ceasefire violations.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif warned India not to mistake Pakistan’s silence on the neighbouring country’s ceasefire violations as a sign of weakness.

“Our patience on India’s ceasefire violations must not be taken as a sign of weakness,” he said.

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Last month, Foreign Secretary Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry summoned Indian High Commissioner Dr TCA Raghavan and protested against the unprovoked firing from the Indian side of the border at Harpal and Chaprar that left six civilians dead and 47 injured including 22 women.

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Reader Comments (14)

  • Sunil
    Sep 5, 2015 - 12:19PM

    So what did it result in? Nothing. In one ear out of the other, the world knows the truth.Recommend

  • Cry
    Sep 5, 2015 - 1:23PM

    Even children don’t go running towards their dad as many times!Recommend

  • Babuibal
    Sep 5, 2015 - 1:31PM

    What happened to BBC report ? Pls add that as well.Does not give any satisfaction to beat you on international forum any more.It reflects India-Pakistan world cup matches. At least try and win on one international forum. Otherwise what the fun.Recommend

  • jay
    Sep 5, 2015 - 3:06PM

    This is hoax pakistan’s each nuclear scientist sponsored by China always boasts of against India. India needs only one or two successful, even less effective, nuclear blast to eliminate whole of Pakistan out of world map due to pakistan’s geographical location. Pakistan needs many so called more effective nuclear attack even to wink India’s vast area. Pakistan’s nuclear sites could be eliminated in one or two nuclear attack by India even though it may be less effective than Pak’s one, as per nuclear scientist’s view out of his inferior complexity. More ever, Pak’s nuclear sites once destroyed by even two less effective Indian nuclear attacks, how can Pak think of using its more effective nuclear attack in other cities of India. India views it is childish comments of Chinese sponsored pak scientist without understanding the ground reality. Pak should never dare to even wink at India’s vastness due its Chinese few more effective nuclear arsnel. China is using Pakistan’s obsession with India for its own advantages to corner Indian internationally so that both India and Pak will remain its big market for China’s
    inferior products which only could be procured by poverty stricken poor people of South Asia. Pakistan should never try to weigh muscle with India’s nuclear arsenal using china’s few more effective nuclear arsenal. China has been using Pak’s Army / ISI obsession with controlling civilian pak government, through keeping alive the kashmir issue in pak public, in order to have proxy war with India through pak army’s sponsored terrorism in India. This game plan of China, Pak army/ISI and Pak terrorists group for proving their nuclear muscle power are actually striking the bellies of poverty stricken and emotionally blackmailed people of both India and pak. Ultimate gainer is Chinese who are using obsessions of Pak Army, Pak terrorists and some childish Pak nuclear scientists to make unrest in whole south Asian countries in order to capture huge India& pak markets for its inferior Chinese products using a stick and carrot policy against India and Pakistan. It is high time India and pak should join hands by re-establishing their unity to fight against their common problem of poverty, using their vast common market for each other’s region specific products, rather than fighting each other instigated by Chinese using the obsession of Pak ARMY and Terrorist groups. Chinese can only dump its inferior products in our economically weaker villages without getting anything similar products imported from us. But, in return, it sells us arms and nuclear arsenal so that we can fight each other to remain poverty stricken for ever to become permanent consumer of Chinese inferior products for all times to come.Recommend

  • Bashy Quraishy
    Sep 5, 2015 - 6:31PM

    Dear Jay

    Normally, I would never use vulgar language to comment even the most stupid and ignorant posts, but I shall make an exception in your case simply because, I have not read such silly and childish remarks as you got published in the Express Tribune of 5th September 2015.

    Let me start by reminding you that the post, you commented has nothing to do with nuclear war, threats or Chinese products. The article in question is that Pakistan’s permanent ambassador to the UN Maleeha Lodhi wrote a letter to the President of UN Security Council urging the United Nations to take notice of civilian casualties due to the constant ceasefire violations by Indian forces.

    Please tell me where does your rhetoric of nuclear war fit in.
    Secondly, when you say that ; “India needs only one or two successful, even less effective, nuclear blast to eliminate whole of Pakistan out of world map”, you disclose your total lack of any common sense, knowledge of nuclear weapons and India’s capability in nuclear field. A nuclear blast, no matter how powerful it is, cannot totally damage a city, let alone wipe out a country with 200 million people and nearly 1 million Square kilometer area.
    Pakistan has over 100 nuclear weapons and dozens of sites scattered all over the country. Not even CIA knows, where Pakistan keeps it nuclear assets. Pakistan has ist and second strike capability to het all India downs over a million population within few minutes. India knows it and that is why, with all mindless boasting in 2002/2003, and amassing 300000 soldiers on the border, it did not dare to attack Pakistan. The logic was simple. They knew the consequences.
    Then you repeat like a Hanuman monkey that; Chinese sponsored Pak scientists. Anyone who knows the nuclear ABC, would tell you that Pakistan started on nuclear program in 1964 and have produced some of the most respected nuclear scientists in the world. Yes, China and Pakistan co-operate on various issues, including nuclear field, just as India has pacts with Russia and USA.
    Then you make the most idiotic statement like; China’s inferior products which only could be procured by poverty stricken poor people of South Asia.”
    Raj, an Indian should not say such untrue and silly sounding things. Some of the Chinese products are far superior than many countries, including USA and Japan,. Its infrastructure, airports, ports and causeways are top of the line while Indian infrastructure is third rate, even worst than Pakistan’s. Chinese make anything from needle to space station and what does India produce; table clothes and masalas.

    In the end, you come up with something sensible when you say; “It is high time India and Pak should join hands by re-establishing their unity to fight against their common problem of poverty”. There, I would agree 110 percent but it can only happen if you solve the problem of Kashmir as you promised in the UN and stop dreaming of getting back Pakistan to Mother India. Partnership is always on equal bases.
    Have a nice day!Recommend

  • Sohail
    Sep 5, 2015 - 9:18PM

    If rational Indians want a peace in the region just vote out modi’s government. He came with an agenda of distortion, destruction and hatred. He will defiantly bring a bad name to India. This time Pakistan next time other countries will be found complaining against Mr. Chi wala Recommend

  • Np
    Sep 5, 2015 - 11:38PM

    Modi Government reached landmark agreement With Bangladesh. It ailifted millions of gallons of water to Maldives when need arose. It was the first to help Nepal durging the earthquake. Remember Bangladesh and Maldives are Muslim majority. His Governmenth elped evacuate nationala of dozens of countried including Germany and USA from Yemen. Within India, He reached a peace deal with insurgent Nagas who are Chridtian. So no one believes the original lies propagated by Cong read about him being a violent Hindu majoritarian right winger.

    Peace with Pakistsn could not be achieved by Vajpayee who was back stabbed with Kargill and parliament attack and Manmohan who oversaw 26/11. So everyone knows who is the spoiler here.

    Indians voted for ModI for improved growth, reduced corruption and reduced inflation. As long as he delivers on that, he will be re-elected.Recommend

  • Al fidayi
    Sep 5, 2015 - 11:39PM

    Pakistan has every right to go to UN as its member; however if no one at UN is lending a ear may be its time to give up on this hackneyed exercise of trying to convince the world of its lies which can only befool only its own people.Recommend

  • Sunil
    Sep 5, 2015 - 11:57PM

    @Sohail: We know the truth .. you are very afraid of Modi, he knows how to deal with Pakistan. We are happy with him, we do not need a Pakistani’s advice. Please keep it to yourself, we did not ask for it.Recommend

  • JSM
    Sep 6, 2015 - 12:25AM

    Sir you take care of Pakistan. We will look after India. Thanks for your advice.Recommend

  • Auginpk
    Sep 6, 2015 - 9:26AM

    What will UN or any body will do with false propoganda, when they know the facts.Recommend

  • Sohail
    Sep 6, 2015 - 1:27PM

    @sunil: Modi has nothing to terrify us. We have sufficient capacity to give a befitting response to any aggression. We cleaned the Indian planted and funded terrorist networks.

    The fear I or you should have is the fear of loss of hundreds of thousands human lives. The fear of wasting our earings on imported weapons rather than on eradication of hunger and poverty. Fear of modi stands nowhere.Recommend

  • Sunil
    Sep 8, 2015 - 3:50AM

    @Sohail: Say what you like about Modi, we love him. You can talk about development etc. when Nerhu/Gandhi were ruling India, I say ruling not governing you Pakistani’s had a chance to make peace. Why did you not? I can promise you one thing the good old days are over, your days are numbered.Recommend

  • Menon
    Sep 26, 2015 - 8:04PM

    Duly ignored by the UN and rest of the nations in the world.Recommend

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