India rejects Pakistan's call for plebiscite in Indian Kashmir

India's Lok Sabha speaker says Pakistan's remarks on the issue in the UN are totally irrelevant

Web Desk September 03, 2015
Pakistan is not focused on development, does not think about its citizens, says Lok Sabha speaker. PHOTO: PTI

India rejected on Wednesday Pakistan's call for a plebiscite in Indian-held Kashmir and lashed out at Islamabad for raising the issue at the United Nations.

Terming Pakistan's call for voting in Indian-held Kashmir as 'irrelevant' at the Fourth World Conference of Speakers, India asserted that the state is an integral part of the country and its citizens have willingly chosen a democratically-elected state government, according to NDTV.

"Pakistan must know that this is the platform of the Inter-Parliamentary Union where the 2030 development agenda is being discussed," Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan said, while rejecting Pakistan's call to discuss the matter in the United Nations, Press Trust of India reported.

"Pakistan representative's remarks on the issue in the UN are totally irrelevant," she added.

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Meanwhile, Murtaza Javed Abbasi, acting speaker for Pakistan's National Assembly in his speech said, "It is time" for the people of Indian-held Kashmir to be given a chance to exercise their right to self-determination which can only be done through an independent and impartial plebiscite under the UN."

Expressing disagreement with Abbasi, Mahajan believed that Pakistan is bringing up the Indian Kashmir issue at a UN platform out of habit as it has done so in the past as well and is creating an issue which does not exist.

"Pakistan should keep in mind that the people of Indian Kashmir have voted to elect their state government. What can be more democratic than this," she said, while rejecting Pakistan's call for a plebiscite.

According to Mahajan, Pakistan was drifting away from the main agenda of the conference, that is development.

However, keeping in mind the objective of the conference, Abbasi during his speech stated that "outstanding disputes" like Indian-held Kashmir create disputes in South Asia, thus preventing the region from realising "its tremendous economic and social potential."

Mahajan nevertheless, failed to agree as she said, "They are not focused on development. They are not thinking about their citizens and how development should take place in Pakistan. But instead every now and then they try to raise only one issue."

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Reinstating his stance, Abbasi claimed that Indian-held Kashmir has been internationally recognised as a disputed territory, underwritten by several United Nations resolutions thus the matter is in no way irrelevant.

"The Kashmiri people have waited for too long for their just and inalienable right to self-determination. Peace in South Asia is an imperative not only for the people of that region but also for the citizens of a globalised world," he added.

This article originally appeared on NDTV

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K B Kale | 4 years ago | Reply | Recommend @Mr. Shaikh Mohommad: First of all, pl read this report! You will, probably for the fist time, that majority on both sides of the border doesn't want to be in Pakistan and the demand by more than 50% people for 'Azad Kashmir' is only in 4 out of 18 districts. That should shut many mouths. Next! Have you studied the 1948 resolution of Security Council? May be not. I have. It clearly states that step 1 is for Pakistan to vacate the area it has occupied by its Army as well as the so called tribesmen. AFTER THAT (& ONLY AFTER THAT) India needs to withdraw its forces. Only after that, India was to conduct plebiscite in 1948! Did Pakistan vacate Kashmir? No, Suree!! Nobody in Pakistan studies the issue. Only talks!
Shaikh Mohommad | 4 years ago | Reply | Recommend Yes, we should condemn all crimes. Is it not a crime to hold people against their will? Why not Indian Government ascertain the wishes of people in Kashmir and allow them to decide their fate i.e. to remain in India or not? Will Indian Government allow the people of Kashmir their right to decide their fate?
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