Meeting with CEC yielded positive results: Imran

Chief election commisioner assures Imran that technical reforms will be implemented ahead of the next elections

Web Desk September 02, 2015
PTI chief Imran Khan addresses media in Islamabad on September 2, 2015. PHOTO: WASEEM NAZIR/EXPRESS

Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan (CEC) Sardar Raza on Wednesday reaffirmed the Election Commission of Pakistan's commitment to implement all technical reforms ahead of the next elections.

The statement came after a meeting with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan. "The meeting today was positive and work on the findings of the judicial commission report has already commenced," Imran said while speaking to media.

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"We (PTI) submitted our reservations and discussed the issues pertaining to the 2013 elections," Imran said, adding that "the ECP will implement all technical reforms to address the issues faced in previous elections."

Although the technical reforms will not address the rigging, Imran was assured that any negligence from the ECP would be addressed. Further, Raza assured Imran that the misconduct and lack of structure during the 2013 elections would not be repeated in the next elections.

Commenting on the removal of Judge Kazim Malik from his post, Imran said that "our request for Malik's removal from the post to be withdrawn was also agreed by the CEC."

Further, Army presence is also set to be greater during the next general elections. Imran assured that his party was no longer the party which took part in the 2013 elections and has changed considerably.

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"We have the youth, we have support, we have all the people behind us like no other party," he said.

Concluding the presser, the PTI chief offered his condolences to the family of Abdul Hafeez Pirzada, author of the 1973 Constitution, following his death in London in the early hours of Wednesday.


Arshad Kamal Khan | 6 years ago | Reply There are those who take every opportunity to belittle and mock Imran Khan. These are the same people who always support the dishonest, corrupt minds that flourishes in Pakistani politics. And in time this mindset has even penetrated the decent people. It is the corruption that is the mother of all evils. A state that is corrupt can not defend itself even if it has a strong and competent army. An army also needs a competent and honest public to support it. Corruption is not an evil that is connected to money only, but it is also connected to the mind and to all evil things that exist today in Pakistan. If the corrupt people are allowed to take hold of political power in the country as has nearly happened, then even the army can become compromised. This is nearly the situation in Pakistan. General Raheel, has just in time stepped in, to stop the rot. One can judge the extent of corruption by the manner in which India seems to attack the borders, issue provocative statements, and try to block developments which can augur a better Pakistan. Pakistan stands alone in this fight and it has to come to its senses. Pakistanis who want to retain the old corrupt system should be boycotted politically and socially. The redemption lies in our hands and not anywhere else.
Abid Shah Mashwani | 6 years ago | Reply @z I think IK should not burn all bridges even with parties like MQM, and should make alliances with any party as long as it is for a good cause. If PPP, ANP, PMLQ, JI, PAT etc support PTI demand for accountability of EC staffs responsible for election irregularities including a demand for resignation of all Provincial CEC,then there is nothing wrong to make alliance with them. This is the only way PTI could pressurize a government (a product of a fraud election) to do the right things, otherwise current government will do anything and everything to make sure Military operation against terrorists and corrupt mafia don't enter Punjab.
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