Reipe: Crispy green chicken wings

A light snack for untimely hunger pangs

Huba Akbar August 31, 2015


•  Grind the coriander, green chilies and yogurt together to form a green paste.

•  Boil two cups of water in a large pot and cook the chicken wings in it, adding the green paste to the mix. Continue cooking on low flame until the water dries up and the chicken has cooked through.

•  In the meantime, mix the flour and black pepper together in a small bowl and egg and salt in another.

•  Coat the cooked chicken wings with flour and then dip them in the egg mixture.

•  Toss each piece in a bowl full of breadcrumbs, making sure that all the sides are covered.

•  Fry the wings in pre-heated olive oil, keeping the main meat side up. Once the bottom becomes golden-brown in colour, flip the wings over and fry the other side as well. Keep in mind that since the chicken has already been cooked, you need not spent too much time frying it.

•  Once fried, soak the wings on paper towels to get rid of excess oils and serve warm, along with a complimenting dipping sauce.

Six sauces for your chicken wings

Chicken wings are the ultimate messy finger foods! Serve them as part of an elaborate dinner menu or snack on them —  these juicy goodies are always welcome. Add a flavourful dipping sauce or two and you have the ideal appetizer. Here are six different sauces that you can make to serve along with the chicken wings. We promise everyone will love them!

Sweet and sticky sauces

Barbecue sauce: A mix of sweet and savoury is the way to go with barbecue sauce. Although you can purchase a bottle of barbecue sauce from your local grocery store, we prefer to make our own marinade. Simply mix one cup of ketchup with one tablespoon of brown sugar and with 1/4 cups of Dijon mustard, hot and soy sauce each and allow the wings to marinate in the mixture overnight. Addiction guaranteed!

Orange glaze dip: This simple blend of garlic, soy sauce, brown sugar and fresh orange juice makes an excellent sweet and tangy dip sauce for finger foods. You can also toss the wings in the sauce before cooking if you wish. Add a bit of hot sauce for some chili.

The classic buffalo wing

Sriracha mix: Give your chicken wings a fun twist! Combine some Sriracha sauce with butter, lemon zest and cilantro and enjoy away.

Jalapeño toppings: Skip the typical red sauce and opt for a green one with pickled jalapeños. This is sure to liven your senses up!

A touch of the Mediterranean

Tomatoey: Bring home the goodness of the beautiful coastal region with roasted tomatoes. Simply combine them with goat cheese and olive oil, coat the wings in the mix and broil.

Almond crunch: For extra crunchy wings, chop up and roast some almonds to sprinkle on top. Serve the garnished wings with a lemon and mayo mix to add extra flair to the meat.


Published in The Express Tribune, Ms T, August 30th, 2015.


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