Crashing a wedding

Letter April 28, 2010
Crashing a wedding

KARACHI: This is with reference to Fasi Zaka’s piece ‘Dr Firdous: wedding crasher’ (Editorial and opinion, April 27). Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan should not have insinuated what she did about Kashmala Tariq but the fact is – and I say this at the risk of being severely criticised – that she won a general seat in the last election which means thousands of people voted for her. I don’t have to like her and she may be a ‘paindu’ but I have to give her that much credit.


Asad V. Shairani | 14 years ago | Reply Whether or not they're kicked out by the public for their antics is irrelevant. Antics pathetic as the ones displayed by Dr. Awan should be discouraged on the media.
Fasih Ali Khan | 14 years ago | Reply Getting Votes does not mean that one gets out of his / her limits. 'Hanif Abbasi' is being caughtup many times on media using worst kind of abusive language and saying in the same breath that, ''I've obtained so & so Votes from Public''. they'ld be kicked out hard for their misdeeds, next time around by the same 'Public'.
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