5 Pakistani apps that will spark 'jazba junoon' in you

From desi games to Aamir Liaquat's outrageous quotes, here's a list of apps that will bring you closer to your...

Entertainment Desk October 28, 2015
From desi games to Aamir Liaquat's outrageous quotes, here's a list of apps that will bring you closer to your country.

Imagine waking up to Aamir Liaquat's Kaisa Dia in the morning? Or perhaps sending Meera's We Will Be The Back to your friend instead of writing BRB on WhatsApp? Yes, there's an app for that now.

While browsing through mobile apps we came across a few which truly spark a feeling of patriotism. Here's a list of apps which will bring you closer to your country:

1. Pakistani Soundboard:

Google's Play Store has an app which will have you laughing in fits. Pakistani Soundboard is a collection of sounds including Imran Khan's quotes from his dharna to its newest addition of Chand Nawab's Karachi Sey Log.

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Check out the large selection of Amir Liaquat quotes it has to offer:

PHOTO: Play.Google

And if you're in the mood to play a prank on your friend, why not set their ringtone to Inzamam's quotes or worse, Waqar Zaka's outrageous sayings?

PHOTO: Play.Google

People seem to love the app, it has garnered a positive response from users and we have to applaud the creativity of the developer!

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2. Azadi Pro:

This app is for selfie lovers in particular who enjoy snapping away and editing pictures. Azadi Pro allows you to edit your pictures and add a patriotic touch.

PHOTO: Play.Google

Want to prove your love for the country? Go ahead, download this app and upload images on social media and display your love for Pakistan. Bleed green!

PHOTO: Play.Google

Probably the only thing that the app misses out on is Kashmir in the full map of Pakistan for one of the edits, which one of the users unhappily noted.

3. Pakistan Wallpapers:

Pakistan is beautiful. This app has a collection of stunning landmarks which you can set as your wallpaper.

Scenic images of the Badshahi mosque and Northern areas leave one breathless. These will most definitely make you fall more in love with your country.

PHOTO: Play.Google

Let your pride shine through your phone's display picture!

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4. Run Sheeda Run

Who doesn't love games? Designed in 2014, Run Sheeda Run is a mirror-image of the famous game Subway Surfer. Whizzing through the streets of Lahore, Sheeda must make his way through the crowds without getting caught by the police or shopkeepers.

PHOTO: Play.Google

Their latest Eid update included sawaiyan for bonus points. The cool thing about this game is the chicken the boy carries! Just when your chapals feel like they cannot handle the pressure and start to burn your chicken flies you through the narrow streets. Phew! What a save.

PHOTO: Play.Google

Now that's what you call a hardcore desi game.

5. Angry Imran

If you love Angry Birds, you (read: PTI fans) will love the Pakistani version of the original. Based on political leader Imran Khan, this game allows you to catapult Imran's head (much like in Angry Birds) and lodge it on to wooden planks where heads of other Pakistani political leaders sit.

PHOTO: Play.Google

You can also play a version of Whack-A-Mol with the heads of political leaders --  hitting them with bats for points before they disappear in their holes.

PHOTO: Play.Google

Download and enjoy!


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