6 ways men too can elevate office style

You don't have to go for the usual dress shirt and pants, you can always change it up by making a few changes

Ians July 24, 2015
You don't have to go for the usual dress shirt and pants, you can always change it up by making a few changes.

Men should focus on fit, colour and accessories to look chic at work, says an expert.

Angad Singh Malhotra, designer and founder, Mr Fox, a bespoke luxury label for menswear and accessories, shares six tips:

1. FitFirst and foremost get the fit right. It should neither be too small nor too large; neither too short nor too long. A smaller and tighter size doesn’t flatter those gym workouts nor does bigger size reflect power or masculinity or weight loss. Get the fit that fits you well and flatters your body.

2. StyleFuse some colour into your ensemble. Just because you are going to work doesn't mean you need to stick to the regular blue, white and grey that just makes you a part of the crowd. Try colours like lavender, yellow, or even pink. And if you want to go a step further, then move to stripes and checks.

3. LeatherYou have worn black shoes throughout your school life. Black shoes are great but not when you wear them every day. Try mixing it up with brown, tan or oxblood. Same goes for belts. Try and match your belt with shoes. Apart from colours, try different styles like oxfords, brogues and monk strap. They all add a bit of edge to your daily attire.

4. Layering upInvest in good blazers and sport coats. They help you dress up or down very easily depending on the occasion. Apart from summer blazers, in winters, you can layer up with sweaters or knitwear. Even waistcoats are a good option for your corporate wear.

5. Accessorise

A carefully chosen accessory adds an extra ounce of chicness to your outfit and boosts your appearance. Play around with your tie, use clips to break the monotony. Pocket squares are always neglected, but make them a part of your requisites when wearing a blazer or a suit.

6. WalletAlso, make sure to slim down your wallet. You don’t need those three-year-old receipts anymore. A wallet should fit in your back pocket comfortably when you sit and not make you feel like as if you are sitting on an ant hill.


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