What does your coffee say about you

Are you a perfectionist? A trendsetter? or adventurous, perhaps?

Sumayia Asif July 24, 2015

KARACHI: Can you imagine your morning without that caffeine kick?  “Of course not!” is the sure response to that. My ‘on caffeine’ mind also said ‘never!’

If you answered like I did than you would agree with me that coffee has magical mood-lifting powers, which not only help you get through the day but helps increase productivity. Or is it just a placebo effect? Well you can savor that next sip, because study reveals that the above said has merit; coffee increases attention and alertness and when consumed in moderation, positively affects working memory.

So what is it that you go for? An espresso? Cappuccino? Or is it a latte? Maybe you’re the frappe type! Interestingly your coffee choice reflects more about you than you thought according to Psych Central. Read on to find out your coffee personality:

Black coffee


Perhaps the leader of a pack, a busy bee, or just a hard-worker, black coffee drinkers tend to be efficient perfectionists, who can be old school and like to keep things simple. You are quiet and moody and sort of set in your ways but patient.

Latte drinkers


You almost always have a smile on your face, and like to add milk and sugar to your coffee to soften the bitterness. You like to keep things comfortable, are generous with your time and love helping people.

Cappuccino enthusiasts


Genial and imaginative you love to chat and can be easily spotted at a coffee shop. You’re upbeat and optimistic.

Frappuccino fans


The adventurous, bold, trendsetter; you are spontaneous, sometimes fall for quick fixes and make unhealthy life choices. You have a creative side but are naïve sometimes.

Decaf, and other ‘specific coffee’ drinkers


You folk like to be in control, are health conscious sometimes labeled a little selfish. You like things perfect and can be overly sensitive. You focus on the rules and tend to frequently worry.

Instant coffee drinkers


You’re traditional, relaxed and easygoing and certainly not a nit-picker. You take life as it comes and can be a procrastinator. Be careful not to neglect your health.

Did you know:
The world drinks 2.25 billion cups of coffee everyday.

Mind your manners:
A cafe in France charges more for your coffee if you don't say hello and please!