Face-off: Malik Riaz exposes gang of extortionists

Presents video clips of accused Tariq Kamal giving assurances after receiving Rs50m

Our Correspondent July 22, 2015
Malik Riaz Hussain. PHOTO FILE


Bahria Town chief Malik Riaz has presented the video of a gang of extortionists which is using the name of courts and other respected institutions for its nefarious aims.

The footage shows Col (retd) Tariq Kamal, who was fired from the Defence Housing Authority, taking Rs50 million as extortion in 2013.

The video shows Kamal taking oath on the Holy Quran that he would withdraw all cases against Malik Riaz after taking Rs50 million. “It is my responsibility to withdraw the cases I have filed against Bahria Town,” Kamal was seen making this statement in the video. “You will have no complaints neither from the court nor the lawyer,” he said.

Regarding the suo motu case in the courts, the extortionist said that he would personally go and give statement that Bahria Town has nothing to do with the issue.

Property tycoon and philanthropist Malik Riaz, in his written statement, said that the second member of the gang is Khalid Rasheed, a dishonourably discharged colonel of Pakistan Army. The Bahria Town chief presented documentary proof that Rasheed was dismissed on December 14, 2000 for tampering with service record.

As per documents, Rasheed was also guilty of forging documents to acquire a plot from DHA Karachi, beating up his orderly, denying shaving allowance to recruits and taking unauthorised credit from army unit canteen.

Moreover, the accused presented himself as a brigadier while registering a car. Pakistan Army had thrown out Khalid Rasheed when these charges were proven.

Army has its own system of reward and punishment on which the present COAS Gen Raheel Sharif has ordered strict compliance, for which he has earned respect of not only the armed forces but the whole nation which wants to see accountability in civilian institutions too.

Malik Riaz said that he has stood up to the extortionists and blackmailers for the sake of the people who have put their trust in Bahria Town. “I am not worried about myself only, but the hundreds and thousands of people who have put their lifesavings in Bahria Town projects. When blackmailers and extortionists bring forth scandals in the media, it hurts the legal interest of people having direct or indirect employment, trade or business with Bahria Town,” he said.

Blackmailers and extortionists who exploit the names of respected personalities and institutions for their nefarious designs should be exposed before the world, he said. “I have full faith in Allah Almighty who has always helped me and the prayers of the poor people that kept me going…I will continue to make my contribution in the progress of my country and I am willing to sacrifice everything I have for my country and its defence and the brave soldiers who are its dauntless defenders,” Malik Riaz said.

The conversation in the video went on like this:

Tariq: I have the Holy Quran in front of me and keeping Allah as witness (hazir-o-nazir) I assure you that it is my responsibility to withdraw the cases I have filed against you.

Malik: That’s alright. It is up to you take it or not (addressing Khalil) after today…

Tariq: It is my responsibility you won’t have any complaint.

Malik: If you have any complaint than do one thing.

Tariq: I will have lot of complaints.

Malik: Listen to me if you have any complaint than do one thing.

Khalil: (putting cash laden bag before Tariq) Sir brought it from Bahria Town.

Malik: Keep it on the chair.

Tariq: (Looking at the cash) Sir where I will carry it around.

Khalil: Sir I will drop it.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 23rd, 2015.


anonymus | 8 years ago | Reply Since when bribery is given only for illegal thing only? It is given also for legal things. Money makes things happent on time and avoid inconvenience. Whether we like it or not it is norm. People like Malik Sahib has learned that at an early age.I agree with him every rich person in Pakistan is land grabber or scion of land grabbers and now has become halal! No exceptions........ please find a name and you will see eihter their parents were government officials or fore fathers were part of british Raj.......... please do research
Disgrace | 8 years ago | Reply This is the same Malik Riaz who bribed Ex CJ's son Arsalan to get favors. This man is himself a confirmed criminal who blackmails and is a confirmed extortionist. This report confirms his character further. He should be investigated and put away. How he acquired all the wealth is no more a secret. He was a corrupt Patwari and now a philanthropist. My foot. Why did he survive? You will get the answer in Nawaz Sharif speech tonight. It is our corrupt superior Judiciary who are protecting such garbage. Shame on our Supreme Court.NS will praise this judiciary. It is now for the NAB to nab this Supreme court.
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