Prankster who showered Sepp Blatter with money charged by police after FIFA complaint

Simon Brodkin aka Jason Bent has been charged with trespassing since he was not supposed to be in the building

Reuters July 22, 2015

ZURICH: The British comedian who showered FIFA president Sepp Blatter with fake dollar bills has been charged by Swiss police after being arrested and interrogated, a police spokesperson said on Tuesday.

Simon Brodkin, who performs as the character Lee Nelson, was taken away by police from the headquarters of football's world governing body after Blatter's security escorted him out of the press conference room where he carried out the stunt on Monday.

"He was arrested and interrogated by the police," a spokesperson for the Zurich police said, without identifying Brodkin, who has been involved in previous stunts, by name.

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"There is a possible complaint about trespassing. We don't know if there will be a trial or not, that is to be decided by the prosecutor and that will take some time."

The spokesperson added that FIFA had made a complaint to the police about the incident. However, FIFA was not immediately available for comment.

Dan Lloyd, a spokesperson for Brodkin's agents Avalon, said the comedian was back in Britain and had not been held overnight by Swiss police.

Brodkin has been involved in similar stunts in the past, including going on stage with rapper Kanye West at the Glastonbury Festival and, in 2014, he attempted to infiltrate the England World Cup squad as they flew to the United States. In 2013, Brodkin found himself in a British court after another football-related prank. Dressed in full soccer kit, in the guise of another of his characters, footballer Jason Bent, Brodkin warmed up on the field with Manchester City players before their game at Everton's Goodison Park.

The comedian was charged with entering the playing area under the Football Offences Act but was let off with a caution in court.

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