5 things you need to be watchful of every Eid

You will be able to avoid a lot of awkward situations by following these tips on Eid

Sajja Shah July 19, 2015
You will be able to avoid a lot of awkward situations y following these tips on Eid. PHOTO: SAALEHA BAMJEE/FLICKR

Waking up early in the morning to dress up for the day, visit our loved ones, enjoy succulent food and get lots and lots of Eidi is what Eid is all about. 

As happening it may sound, things can get a bit dicey and we can also forget to observe some basic rules. Here are five things you need to be watchful of this and every Eid.

1. After a month of detox and cleansing your body, do not go all out on food on Eid. It is tempting to see all the delicious food being served but it is not a very good idea to stuff yourself with biryani and korma. Trust me you're going to regret it later.

2 .We all know that we do not give equal amount of Eidi to every relative. We might give a generous amount to our siblings but less to cousins and even lesser to other distant relatives and friends. You might find yourself in a situation where you need to give Eidi to a close relative and a distant one and yet you do not wish to embarrass yourself and also need to keep finances in mind. The best way to go about it is, get envelopes in different colors to put in money. That way you would know that a Rs100 note is in the red envelope, a Rs500 note in green maybe and Rs50 in yellow.

3. It is a norm to visit your loved ones and friends on the occasion of Eid and social etiquette requires not to go empty handed. You can cook something at your place and take it for your host, bake cupcakes or buy fruits or any other small gift would be good too.

4. Hospitality is at it's peak during these three days. Once you go to someone's place the host serves you with the best food and drinks. But you cannot have five huge meals if you are visiting five houses and you cannot offend your host by not having anything at all. So the trick is, try to eat food that has minimum calories and take small portions. The best is, to ask for tea without sugar or green tea. That way your host would be pleased to and you'd also be doing a favor to your stomach.

5. Mind your children when you go to someone's place. Make sure they aren't running around too much, breaking things and creating a hassle for your host. Also, if you are expecting children to accompany your guests, make sure you rearrange your house a bit.

Keep all the delicate showpieces and glassware at a place that's beyond a child's reach. A good idea would be to keep two to three stuffed toys at your place to ensure the kids are busy. A little investment in stuffed toys is good for you really don't want a boisterous kid smashing your mom's favorite crystal vase and stuffies do not break.


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