Safoora carnage will never be forgotten: Karachi corps commander

Lt Gen Mukhtar visits Safoora carnage victims' families and Karachi Central Jail

Web Desk July 19, 2015

KARACHI: Karachi Corps Commander Lieutenant General Naveed Mukhtar visited Al-Azhar garden on Sunday to meet the families of Safoora carnage victims.

"Safoora carnage will never be forgotten," the Karachi corps commander said.

Lt Gen Mukhtar assured the victims' families that the army has made headway in the investigation of the Safoora incident. "Many terrorists have been arrested and others who facilitate terrorists will also be arrested soon," he added.

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The corps commander also visited the Karachi Central Jail and met the Rangers on duty there. Further, he inspected security arrangements at the prison.

The carnage was one of the most brutal attacks on a religious minority in the country. At least 45 people, including women and children, belonging to the Ismaili community were killed when around a half a dozen gunmen sprayed them with bullets in execution style inside a bus near Safoora Chowrangi in Sacchal on May 13 this year.

DG Rangers visits troops on border duties

DG Rangers Major General Bilal Akbar on Sunday visited Rangers installations and troops deployed on border duties.

Further, it was reported that he would spend the third day of Eid with troops on the international border.

He will also visit Sukkur and Larkana and will attend a detailed briefing about law and order situation.


S.R.H. Hashmi | 9 years ago | Reply It is good to hear that the Karachi Corps Commander Lt-Gen. Naveed Mukhtar visited Al-Azhar Gardens o Sunday and met the families of Safoora carnage victims. On an occasion like Eid, the relatives of the victims would have been in a very depressed state, remembering the departed souls, and it would surely have brought them great relief that there are others who share their grief and they are doing all they can to apprehend and punish the beasts who did this to a very peaceful community. However, I wonder whether the higher ups ever thought of visiting and consoling the relatives of those killed extra-judicially or yet others who were alleged to have been picked up by the law enforcers and have since disappeared without trace, about whom MQM leader Waseem Akhtar often complains. And now for something slightly different. As I was viewing television news, an announcement was made about a breaking news. Naturally, I became very attentive with all sorts of things crossing my mind. However, the broadcaster’s breaking of the news put my mind completely at rest and I felt quite relieved. And all that followed was that Karachi Corps Commander Lt-Gen. Naveed Mukhtar paid a visit to Karachi jail and said Eid Mubarak to people over there. And as I switched on to another channel, the broadcaster there made an announcement about a most important news coming up. And surprise, surprise, this also was about Corps Commanders visit to Karachi jail. I think the owners and managers of channels should instruct their staff not to over-use or rather misuse the term ‘breaking news’ and reserve it only for the occasions that warrant this description. As it is, the people of Pakistan get more than their fair share of bad news and every time they hear the term ‘breaking news’ they get apprehensive of what is coming up. There is just no need to subject the already depressed people to this extra doze of anxiety. Karachi
Truth | 9 years ago | Reply @ naveed sufian ali......... PTI and Jamat e Islami are political assets of Establishment
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