Islamic State pamphlets surface in Bajaur Agency

Pamphlet claims group aims to carry out attacks against polio workers, government functionaries and 'spies'

Iftikhar Firdous July 16, 2015

PESHAWAR: Pamphlets bearing Islamic State's (IS) seal have been found circulating in areas of Bajaur Agency, sources said on Thursday.

A tribal leader from the region, requesting anonymity, told The Express Tribune. "Pamphlets were discovered in Inayat Kalay and areas of Mamound District of Bajuar Agency."

The one-page pamphlet claims that the extremist group, which has taken over large swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria, aims to carry out attacks against polio workers, government functionaries and anyone suspected of ‘spying’.

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The contents of the pamphlet carry a sectarian tone. However, the details provided in the pamphlet trace back to neighbouring Afghanistan.

“It’s mostly to cause panic,” said the tribal leader from the area, “the situation is very much under control,” he added.

Bajaur Agency is one of the seven tribal areas, located on the Durand Line. It shares a 52-kilometer border with Kunar province of Afghanistan.

Dozens of tribal elders have been targetted in the area for supporting and establishing the government’s writ in the area. Although the situation remains under control after a massive military operation, target killings of tribal areas and individual threats persists.

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The leader of Daesh in Pakistan and Afghanistan, Hafiz Saeed, who originally belonged to Orakzai Agency, was claimed to be killed in a drone strike in Afghanistan – a claim that was denied by the group.


Pakeeza | 8 years ago | Reply @IS?: Wake up man, brutality is not the answer to incompetence. Stop idolizing such outfits.
IS? | 8 years ago | Reply What is going on in Pakistan for the last 66 years have left no choice accept the people looking for IS to rule. The whole system is going to collapsed day by day, people are frustrating,corruption, suppression, injustices and power in few incompetent hands are the main factors. Hence the helpless people having no choice but IS.
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