I think I am the most stylish Khan: Fawad Khan

The actor is in awe of Shah Rukh, Salman and Aamir and hopes to reach their stature some day

Entertainment Desk July 16, 2015
The actor is in awe of the three Khans of Bollywood and hopes to reach their stature some day. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

What do you say about a man who is talented, stylish and also has a great sense of humour? When asked which Bollywood Khan he thinks is the most stylish, Fawad Khan gave the best response.

In a deep throaty laugh the actor replied, "Stylish Khan? I think I'm the most stylish Khan (laughs)." Leaving the crowd at the Giovani launch collection cheering, applauding  and laughing.

"No, I think everyone has an amazing sense of style and I'm a big fan of it. Where the Khan brigade is concerned, it's a bit early to say that I've joined it, where they have reached and what all they have accomplished is something to marvel at," said Fawad.

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The actor is in awe of the three Khans of Bollywood and hopes to reach their stature some day.

"To become a part of that will take time, I wouldn't say I'm standing in line as yet, but to reach such a level is something that I would be surprised at one day as well if I do. They are great actors," he added.

He is a fan of all three -- Shah Rukh, Salman and Aamir -- and finds their sense of individuality the most appealing factor about them. "Their sense of style is nice in their own zone. Salman's Dabangg style is great. Shah Rukh has symbolized the romantic hero, with arms wide open, that's his signature. And Aamir Khan; I am a very big fan of his work, how he changes for every role, and what he does to get a role, the stories I've heard about him are fantastic.

I'm a fan of all of them and their attitude is their style and that's what I'm a fan of," gushed the actor.

These three aside, Fawad finds the fashion sense of fashionista Sonam Kapoor 'impeccable', and admires Imran Khan's 'tasteful' sense of style.

"From the actresses I think there are many, but the one I have worked with recently is one hell of a fashion icon. Sonam, I think, has an impeccable sense of fashion. I've always felt that even if she were to wear a newspaper she would make it look fashionable.


"Amongst the guys, I like the styles of everyone because they carry it with their own attitude, I think style and fashion is all about attitude, how you carry it. But I think the way Imran Khan carries himself is very tasteful," he shared.


Fawad also shared details about his upcoming film Kapoor & Sons.

"Kapoor & Sons has a lineup of other great actors. Sidharth, Alia, Rishi sahab, Ratnaji, Rajat sir. All of these guys are fantastic actors and great people to work with. We're hoping to see that it releases sometime in the first quarter of next year," he said.

In a tweet, Karan revealed the release date of the much anticipated film:

Fawad also spilled the beans on the plot of the film.

"Sidharth and I are brothers competing with one another as authors or writers," Fawad revealed.

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Speaking about taking up more offers and projects in India, he said: "I'm in discussions with other filmmakers, but nothing has been finalised. Having said that, nothing has been refused as well... constantly going back and forth on the ideas right now," he said.

During the event, Fawad was also quizzed about his photo with Kareena Kapoor which recently went viral. To which he replied that he admires Indian artistes for the hard work they do.


"I have a great deal of respect for artists in the industry because they have catered to a crowd all over the world. To work with such talented actors (the likes of Kareena Kapoor) would be quite a treat. If I get a chance to work with them in the future then why not?" he said.


rajesh | 8 years ago | Reply I'm an Indian and Fawad Khan is one of my favourite actors. He is being signed for movies because he is a great actor. Some people are spreading hate about Pakistani artistes and I don't like that.
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