Meet the kitten who thinks she's a dog after being adopted by a husky

Rosie steals dog food and even goes for walks with her husky friends wearing a lead

Entertainment Desk July 15, 2015
Rosie steals dog food and even goes for walks with her husky friends wearing a lead. PHOTO: MIRROR

She may look like a tiny bundle of fur, but this three-month-old kitten is convinced she's a giant husky - after being raised by one, reported Mirror. 

Little Rosie was rescued by three sisters after being found abandoned on the streets of California. Her new owners paired the kitten with one of their pet huskies Lilo, who raised her as her own.

Now Rosie steals dog food and wears a lead to go on walks with the pack.

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Owner Thi Bui said the first night they adopted the kitten she became ill and rejected her food. They decided she needed animal care and paired her with one of their huskies, Lilo.

She said: "Rosie's health improved dramatically thanks to Lilo who has raised her as one of her own - so she's growing up thinking she's a husky now and she even goes on walks with them."

The kitten and husky duo play fight and are now inseparable.

Their owners, sisters Thi Bui, Thoa Bui, and Tram Bui, now own a four cats, two huskies and two rabbits - which are all best friends.

They have more than 41,000 followers on their Lilo the Husky page on Instagram.

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Thi Bui said the two pets were inseparable and whimper when they are separated like "Romeo and Juliet".

She added: "She's so tiny but she tries to keep up with the other huskies, bless her - she runs after them when they play, she wrestles with her mother Lilo, and walks with the pack when her little legs can manage.

"We separate them sometimes to give Rosie a break because Lilo doesn't know she's so big, she can hurt Rosie without realising it.

"It's super hilarious because when they get to see each other again, both of them go crazy."


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