These pictures prove Fawad Khan can overshadow any female star

He might overshadow a million women but there is only one who shares his light

Sajja Shah July 22, 2015
He might overshadow a million woman but there is one who shares his light.

KARACHI: He's Fawad Khan after all! As we are aware, the extremely gifted actor has killer looks and can outclass anyone standing within a five mile radius of him.

The singer-turned-actor has worked in Pakistan as well as across the border and has been photographed a million times with not just the leading ladies in Pakisan's entertainment industry but Bollywood's A-list actresses as well.Here are just a few pictures which prove that Fawad can outshine anyone, even Bollywood beauties:
Jab he met Bebo, even she blushed.
Deepika is beautiful but with Fawad by her side, she doesn't need Ranveer.
Mathira probably doesn't even realise she was touched by greatness!
If she is the queen of the ramp then Fawad surely is king of the ramp.

Can we just say that there could be a whole album dedicated to Sonam and Fawad's pictures together.

While the fashionista turns heads, Fawad steals the limelight:
The Khoobsurat Indian actress is totally smitten by the Pakistani heartthrob.
She could hardly contain her excitement while dining with the hottie.
Dark lashes fanned out on the cheeks, never has a man looked so beautiful while he reposed. The eye almost missed Sonam.
That smile reaching his eyes *heart skipped a beat*.
That perfect set of teeth and that smile would light up anyone's day.
We understand why Sonam keeps missing Fawad. The dude has that kind of effect on women.
And we can gaze forever and ever in that set of deep eyes.
Darn! Breaks the heart a little bit.
The two look good but Fawad is better-looking.
The gaze was fixed at Fawad. Sonam looks nice too.
Utterly smitten, Sonam nuzzled closed to Fawad.

The hunk has been photographed with a lot of women but there's no denying that he looks best with this one:
Fawad Khan married his teenage sweetheart Sadaf Aftab on November 12, 2005 and till this day he feels there is no place like home.
Mrs Fawad also joined him in Conoor during his shoots of Kapoor & Sons.
On his wife's birthday.
The couple courted each other for eight years before they were married.
The expression on Fawad's face says it all.
The two look absolutely gorgeous.
The love and appreciation from the spouse means a lot to the actor.
He terms himself a hopeless romantic in real life and proclaims he can take a bullet for the woman he loves.
The two of them have a beautiful son named Aayaan.
Doesn't he look happy every time he is with her?
And Fawad beautifully captioned this picture: "My wife. She is my Rock of Gibraltar and my anchor. I have known her for so long but she is still my companion, my lover, my best friend, my everything.

"She understands me the most. Even in my rebellious phase, when I was most vulnerable, she would listen to me and understand me. What makes her the most attractive person for me is that she is very genuine. I find nothing fake about her. She is not pretentious and is very honest. She too knows that if she is having a difficult time, I am there for her."

Not only does he look good, but he has a heart of gold too! Who wouldn't swoon over this dashing star?


sara | 8 years ago | Reply As soon as any news about Fawad Khan appears indian haters start croaking. You guys dont even realize you sound so jealous that your industry is liking this guy so much that even big wigs like K Johar have made changes in their scripts for him. Wether he is successful or not time will tell, but you guys need to swallow this bitter pill that this charming and humble guy has your industry fallen in love with him. So indian haters, SHUT UP!
Minerva | 8 years ago | Reply @ hamza khan We completely understand your frustration. The top Pakistani actor has to be seen with Hindu women (your words) in Hindu India, playing Hindu roles to advance his career. Otherwise he would remain a drama/serial actor. Pity!
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