Snapchat honours Laylatul Qadr with live video feed of Makkah

Non-Muslims were in awe of the Kaabah with some of them wanting to convert to Islam immediately

Urooj Jawed July 14, 2015

How would you feel if you could be closer to Makkah on Laylatul Qadr this year?

On Monday, Snapchat gave its users just that, its first live story from the Holy city of Makkah, honouring the night of decree.

Log in, swipe left for the Stories page, scroll down to Live and you'll find Makkah listed in the locations. Press and hold to witness Muslims embracing the month of pilgrimage in Saudi this Holy month.

Muslims performing the rituals of Umrah

Pilgrims offer Nafil prayers while some do Tawaaf

Yup, snapchat got that right!

Area outside the Holy Mosque

The selfie-fever #take1


Pilgrims perform Say'ee at Safaa Marwah

Everyone gathering at the mosque, regardless of race and status, sitting together waiting to break their fast


It wasn't long before the story went viral and Muslims from all around the world took it to Twitter with the hashtag #Mecca_live, which is now trending on Twitter.

This is not it, non-Muslims were in awe of the Kaabah with some of them wanting to convert to Islam immediately.


Ali raamiz | 6 years ago | Reply really when u visited makkah saw the holy kaabah it was amazing truly i thought it was the most perfect place on Earth plz non muslims plz convert into muslims and visit kaabah once you will be amazed thanks.
somali | 6 years ago | Reply Alhamdulillah #mecca_live is amazing spread the word of #allah
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