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Actor discusses foreign film offers, life post-marriage and relationship with family

Muhammad Asad Ullah July 11, 2015
Syra will star opposite her husband Shehroz Sabzwari in the upcoming film Love You Babylicious. PHOTOS: PUBLICITY


To aptly employ a cliché, we’ve seen Syra Yusuf grow from a hatchling to a swan. From being a VJ to honing acting skills over the years, Syra has exhibited finesse and determination. She talks to The Express Tribune about her international media offers, her life post marriage and relationship with family.

Just having wrapped up a drama serial with her husband, Syra is on cloud nine. She’s looking forward to her upcoming flick Love You Babylicious, alongside her husband, Shehroz Sabzwari. Discussing her procured fame, she shares, “I think anything attained with respect is eternal — be it fame or glory, respect is of utmost importance.”

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Having been married for about two years now, not much has changed. Except for a change in address and a new tag, Mrs. Shahroz Sabzwari — but she chooses to remain Syra Yusuf. “I think everything has got much better after marriage. Now as I’m married and have a kid too, people give me more respect,” says the star. Discussing off-screen chemistry with hubby, she says, “Both of us equally understand the nature of our profession so nothing has changed work wise.”

Syra with daughter Nooreh

Regarding things that have altered, she states, “I’ve become more concerned about the people around me now. When you have a child, you have a constant motherly instinct lingering on.” She confesses that motherhood is very tough so she has to be a lot more patient now.

Belonging to a career oriented family, Syra doesn’t find herself juggling between motherhood and her career. She accredits her balanced life to her husband, her family and in-laws. “I balance my life with my husband’s help entirely; plus my family’s help and definitely with the help of my in-laws. They’re all very helpful and kind,” says Syra, explaining, “My husband and I try to make sure at least one of us is present for the child, so that she doesn’t feel the absence of both parents.”

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On international offers, she discloses she couldn’t undertake the roles because of the dates or the content. Syra comprehensibly declined a script from across the border because of the intimate scenes involved. “I have got many offers. But I’m not going to dress in a certain way or taken on a provocative avatar,” states the actor.

Not just Bollywood, but Hollywood has shown interest in the star too. “I was offered an English feature film opposite to Sir Ben Kingsley, directed by Santosh Sivan. The movie required a Pakistani girl, so they called me and said I fitted the role,” shares the star.

Belonging to a relatively conservative Pashtun family, Syra didn’t encounter hurdles getting forward in her career. “Pashtuns are conservative and my dad was very conservative too but you know everything gets easy when you trust your children and family,” she says, adding, “My parents knew that I won’t ever pick up a role they’d have an issue with.”

On talking about the pressure of being the daughter in law of Behroze Sabzwari, Syra admits the presence of pressure and praises her father in law for being extremely supportive towards her career, saying, “It’s always been a pleasure working with him all the time. He’s a great person, he’s got a great heart and he’s very understanding and easy going and he never let me feel any pressure.”

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To unwind, Syra loves to cook. Sharing the entrée she makes best, the actor says, “I make super yummy chicken wings and baked fish.” She believes that all mothers are beautiful but usually, they get so caught up with their children that they forget about themselves. “Family is a blessing and if your kids will grow around them, they’ll grow up to be humble in general and it gives you time to look after yourself,” she says, concluding with words of advice, “So, definitely take time out for yourself to be happy because only when you’re happy, you can look good.”

Published in The Express Tribune, July 12th, 2015.

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