No change in Musharraf's protocol

Express April 26, 2010

LONDON: Legal Advisor to Pervez Musharraf, Fawad Chaudhary said no changes have been made in protocol provided by the UK government for the former President and Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan.

Fawad Chaudhry's statement contradicts earlier reports from Scotland Yard. The British security agency said its security facilities were being taken back.

Mr Chaudhry said Musharraf is being provided with the same level of security as before. He said the former Pakistani president usually travels without guards. He said Musharraf uses security only when going to his office.

Fawad Chaudhry said the SSG commandoes were not assigned permanently but accompany Musharraf on a need basis. He said that former President would return to Pakistan soon however he could not confirm any date or month.


rehan | 13 years ago | Reply Musharaf...Pakistan's worst nightmare
Fakhar | 13 years ago | Reply Country has two forces Pro-Bhutto & pro-democracy forces and anti-Bhutto& non-democratic forces. Unfortunately the tiny minority which represents anti-Bhutto element has all kind of ammunation to physically eleminate the Bhuttos and their followers. Even they possess the mightiest weapons acquired by Bhutto himself to strengthen the country and was assassinated by military dictator Zia with the help of judiciary. Yes Bhutto erred by not punishing few greedy generals held responsible for dismemberment of East Pakistan in Hamoodur Rehman Commission Report.Yes he erred by acquiring nuclear programme and strengthening the anti-democratic forces. Yes he erred by bringing back Pakistani territories and 90000 POWs from enemy after 1971 war.Yes he erred by building a new Pakistan after blunders and surrenders of mindless General Yahya. Yes he erred to give country a constitution that is trampled was trampled by enemies of people of Pakistan in the command of bloody Zia and monster Musharaf.Auyb sold out Pakistani waters and look todays Pakistan with dried up rivers,Ayub gave a large tract of Aksai Chin Pakistani territory to China, Yahya broke the country and Zia gave Siachin glacier, Musharaf brought South Asia on the brink of nuclear war by his Kargil adventure and left dead bodies of 3000 jawans before ordering retreat. Look at the long list of crimes committed by the heros of anti-democratic elements that made us hostage periodically by imposing martial laws. No one can deny the fact that Zia and judiciary assassinated Z A Bhutto. Would you deny the crimes of military dictators on the pretext that Z.A. Bhutto imposed emergency?That emergency was also imposed on the request of anti-democracy elements who wanted to suppress Balochs and had launched operations in Balochistan. Can you deny the mushroom growth of terrorist organisations by using religion by Zia. Do you deny formation of IJI and MMA by anti-democratic forces? Do you deny hipocracy of Musharaf that he used display of terrorism to prolong his dictatorial rule? Do you deny his role in assassination of Benazir Bhutto and Akbar Bugti ? These dictators are responsible for unleashing these frakenstienian monsters called extremists and jihadis on our nation. Days are gone when a dictator used to appear on country’s tv screens as a saviour. These saviours have destroyed Pakistan beyond repair. Let democratic forces work to heal the wounds.Time has come for the accountability of dictators and all those who sided with them.
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