4 ways to keep your tresses glossy and trendy this summer

Experts share insight into and solutions to scoring lustrous tresses this Eid

Saadia Qamar July 05, 2015
Experts feel lighter hues are in vogue this season. PHOTO COURTESY: SAEEDA MANDVIWALLA


Summertime could mean holidays and glee but your scalp may beg to differ. Heat from the sun degrades the protective protein in hair that oxidises its colour to a brassy hue, wipes out shine, and leaves locks brittle and damaged. On top of that, UV rays and humidity can parch your beloved up-do.

With temperatures only expected to rise across parts of the country this Ramazan and Eid, The Express Tribune finds out from experts how you can keep your tresses glossy and trendy.

1. Opt for a relaxed look

Saeeda Mandviwalla, CEO and creative artistic director for Toni&Guy Pakistan, says, “With a modern, minimalist approach of sweeping hair to the back or to the side, paired with crisp braiding, gives off an effortless and urban beach vibe.” She recommends a carefree look this season as “it gives a sporty and hassle-free feel … as if you just went from spending the day at the beach to conquering the city by night.” The look works well with hair that’s textured and accentuated with vibrant pops of colour.

According to hair stylist Humaira Shahnawaz, who serves as education manager at Wella Professional Division Pakistan, “Loose and lax hairstyles require minimal effort and time. There’s no need to have professional tools or products … all you need is your readiness and creativity.” For those worrying about hair damage caused by waving and curling irons, she clarifies that beach waves can be created without using any tool. “Braid damp hair and leave it like that for a couple of hours before opening it,” she suggests.

2. Go caramel

In terms of hair tones, Mandviwalla feels natural shades work perfectly for clients who want to stay true to their original hair colour. “A concentration of highlights at the front brightens up the face and makes the complexion glow. There’s no better way to change your look than to add a few subtle hues, especially in the summer,” she notes. “From blonde to brown to amber to everything in between, it all works.”

If you like the look of amber but want something a little more subtle, then opt for ecaille, which is French for tortoiseshell. According to Mandviwalla, this hair-colouring trend helps achieve paler strands, blended in the hair to create lightness and lift without stark contrast. “Express toning service for highlights that have turned a bit brassy and yellow is great for bright and glossy radiance, while leaving the hair supple and ultra-shiny,” she says.

Shahnawaz also feels lighter hues are in vogue this season. “The hottest hair colour trends going into 2015 include sombre shades of caramel. This Eid, shades of caramel honey [will trend] and, considering the heat, breezy up-dos and messy braids will be all the rage,” says the stylist.

3. Rinse seldom

“Washing often can harm your hair and strip your strands of essential oils,” says Shahnawaz. She explains that a cold rinse is preferable, as it leaves hair shiny, smoothing out hair cuticles and making it reflect light rather than absorbing it. “Avoid over-washing and condition well for soft and glossy hair.”

Mandviwalla elaborates, “The summer can have a drying effect on the hair, and to keep it moisture locked and glistening, I recommend hair treatment once a week.” A revitalising treatment, infused with vitamins and minerals, nourishes your hair and deep conditioning provides intensive, long-lasting nourishment for all hair types.

4. Split up with split-ends

Whether or not your hair is dyed, split-ends are often unavoidable in the heat. To bid farewell to erratic and unattractive-looking split-ends, Shahnawaz recommends regular trims. “Split-ends make your hair look dull. Keep your hair trimmed neatly for a fresh and tidy look,” she states. Mandviwalla concludes, “Appropriate hair-care is the only solution for both men and women to get shiny, silky and softer hair.” She adds, “Moisturising your hair with rich antioxidants that fight damaging effects of the sun and environment is the most essential tool.”

Published in The Express Tribune, July 6th,  2015.

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