Lone Muslim survivor of London attacks warns of rising Islamophobia

Mughal was one of the people travelling on the Picadilly line the day four bombs detonated

Web Desk July 05, 2015

LONDON: Twenty-two-year old Sajda Mughal, the only Muslim survivor of the 7/7 terror attacks in London is calling for a united front in the face of rising Islamophobia.

Mughal was one of the people travelling on the Picadilly line the day four bombs detonated in the London subway, including the train she was travelling in.

As the 10th anniversary of the tragic attacks nears, Mughal says she remembers everything like it was yesterday.

“It was a really loud noise, the loudest noise I've ever experienced. The train came to a sudden standstill. It was rush-hour morning so obviously a packed carriage.

People were falling to the ground, lights went out instantly, black smoke immediately started to appear in the carriage. I thought instantly we've derailed. I never thought anything else. My next thought was that the train leaving King's Cross is so near it will hit us and we'll all burn to death.

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All around me people were literally pleading for their lives, crying, screaming, people started to then kick, bang and punch the doors. I remember people attending to those who needed help, but I went into shock.

I remained so still and didn't want to talk to anyone. I genuinely thought that was the day I was going to die so I remember thinking that I hadn't said goodbye to my loved ones, I hadn't got married, I hadn't had children or seen the world. Then I started remembering my childhood, literally I was preparing myself for death. That was the day I was going to die.”

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Mughal, now a mother-of-two from Wood Green quit her job in the city after the attacks and started working for the north London-based Jan Trust and wants to enlighten Muslim mother about the dangers of radicalization.

However, she says she has observed a rise in Islamophobia in the last decade with attacks on women wearing veils to Muslim children being bullied at school. She reveals that she has received death threats and been abused online. The hash tag ‘Kill all Muslims’ is evidence of how widespread Islamophobia is, she added.

More over, Mughal believes that: ‘The recent Extremism to some degree is fueled by Islamophobia, young Muslims are telling us first hand they have experienced it or their family has and that is making them feel alienated and that leaves some vulnerable to radicalisation.

Mughal says that she was moved by the spirit of Londoners when the attacks happened, people from all backgrounds came together to help everyone. She said she would like to see the same spirit in dealing with increasing Islamophobia and extremism in the country.

The article originally appeared on itvnews


numbersnumbers | 7 years ago | Reply Hmm, "Islamiphobia" in Europe! Tell me, is it nearly as bad as "Ahmadiphobia" in Pakistan???? Sounds like another Muslim believing that they deserve "special" accommodation in The West!
raw is war | 7 years ago | Reply More pathetic propaganda. Go back to your country of origin if you feel you are threatened by Islamophobia.
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