Choosing the right hairstyle: If you're looking for inspiration don't look at these celebrities!

Sometimes celebrities make horrible hair mistakes

Sajja Shah July 04, 2015
Sometimes celebrities make horrible hair mistakes.

KARACHI: Imagine the expensive regimes and procedures celebrities go through to coif their hair to perfection everyday. They go for haircuts, change the hair colour and experiment with up-dos that mostly inspire us to style our hair the same way.

Sometimes these celebrities too make horrible hair mistakes. They style their tresses without putting a thought to what suits their face cut and what doesn't and end up being a disaster.

Here is a list of celebrities who made the wrong choices about their hair:


Fringes create the best illusion of a younger look. They instantly take out a handful of years from the age making one look much younger than they are. But this look too, doesn't suit all.
Amrita Arora should not have gone for that fringe. It makes her look like a poodle.
It's time Freiha Altaf rearranged her strands.

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But there are some celebrities like Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, who pulled off their fringe fabulously.
However Tyra has recently chopped of her strands and yet she is rocking the short hair!

Bangs are not everyone's cup of tea. Certainly not Taylor's.
Bangs parted in the middle, not a very flattering sight.
But Nargis Fakhri's bangs are on fleek.
And so are Beyonce's.

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Sleek ponytail:

As chic as ponytails look, not everyone can carry them well. Bebo should totally avoid pulling all her hair back in a tight pony.

But Kim K aces the sleekly combed back hair tied in a pony.
Deepika has not really been spotted in a tight sleek pony but she sure knows how to carry a poofed pony.

Center-parting is the timeless way to put your hair. It's simple and effortless for all types, textures and lengths.

Kim's heavy mane parted in the middle looks royal.
She is usually very chic when it comes to styling hair but blonde didn't really compliment her complexion.

Bob and short hair:
When it comes to a perfect bob the first person to come in mind is Victoria Beckham.

Bad girl RiRi can pull off absolutely anything. Be it short hair or long, she looks gorgeous.
Maheen Khan knows how to look chic with that cropped crown.
But Scarlet Johansson should not have gone for short hair.