6 ways to get gleaming hair this summer

Sun rays in the summer are so strong that they can damage your hair by causing thinning or colour-fading

June 30, 2015

With temperatures soaring up to 40 degrees in Karachi, it’s important to care for your hair. Sun rays in the summer are so strong that they can damage your hair by causing thinning or colour-fading. Exposure to harsh sunlight can also burn your scalp. As compiled from shampootruth.com, avenuefive.com and stylecraze.com, here are six ways you can protect your hair against the blazin’ sun.

1. Keep hair moist

Contrary to popular belief, moisturiser makes for healthy hair. The question is how can you keep your hair moisturised? One of the easiest ways to do so is to keep a hair spray. Fill the bottle with clean water, ensuring that it’s not salty or chlorinated as that could lead to dryness. When it’s unbearably hot, spray your hair and scalp with water. When at home, spray twice to prevent your hair from becoming dry. You can also use a moisturiser-rich shampoo and conditioner this summer to give your hair a soft and shiny look.

2. Use clarifying shampoos

How your natural hair looks depends on the type of shampoo you use. It’s often recommended that you use a clarifying shampoo for a fresh and natural look for your hair. Clarifying shampoos are Paraben-free and keep your scalp clean by stripping away oil, dirt and product build-up. It’s important to note that a clarifying shampoo is like hair treatment, which you should avoid using all the time.

3. Avoid unnecessary heat

In the summer, your hair is already exposed to heat and you surely don’t want to subject it to more. Avoid any extra means that could expose your hair to heat. Make sure you wash your hair 30 minutes before you head out, so that it dries naturally and you don’t have to use a hair-dryer. Avoid straighteners and curling irons as much as you can. Keep your hair look natural this summer. You can make a pony tail or braid that will both save you time and make you look edgy.

4.  Protect your hair when swimming

Who doesn’t want to take a dip in the sweltering heat? Protecting your hair when and after swimming is important. Make sure you don’t shampoo your hair before going to swim as it can rob your hair off all the proteins. Before you swim, apply some conditioner on your hair. This will reduce the amount of chlorine and salt that your hair can absorb from the pool water. You should shampoo your hair right after swimming, as that will remove any active chlorine that may be left on your hair.

5.  Use hair sunscreen

Did you know your hair needs protection from UV rays as does your skin? Without protection, hair becomes dry and brittle. Applying hair sunscreen is important when going out for work or shopping. If you’re not comfortable with sunscreen, you can cover your hair with a hat or a scarf. When you use a scarf, make sure you use a cotton one in order to avoid sweating. As for a hat, make sure it has tiny holes for your hair to breathe through easily.

6. Drink water

During Ramazan, it could be challenging to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. One of the best ways to make your hair look healthy is by drinking plenty of water. Drinking adequate water will help your hair grow, keeping it hydrated.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 1st,  2015.

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