Hijab-wearing Muslim student voted best-dressed at US school

Shahin has been shattering long-held views about Muslims but still remains true to her religious traditions

Web Desk June 30, 2015

A hijab-wearing Muslim  girl of Palestinian origin has been voted the best dressed student at Clifton High School in New Jersey.

Abrar Shahin's yearbook photo shows her in a black skirt and skinny jeans, with ankle-high boots and a white blazer.

Along with this, she is seen wearing a hijab or headscarf.

“There are always cheerleaders who win and popular girls, so I was very surprised it was me, being a hijabi,” Shahin said.

“It was a dream come true," she added.

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Shahin who works at a clothing store in Paramus has been shattering long-held views about Muslims but still remains true to her religious traditions.

The "best dressed" vote also shows how tolerance and acceptance has increased at the school which boasts a diverse population of students including 52 percent Hispanic, 35 percent white, 8 percent Asian and 5 percent black, according to state records.

Lindsey Cinque, a French teacher who is yearbook and senior class adviser, said, "Shahin’s award showed that students can look beyond labels to honor someone’s accomplishment."

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Cinque announced the news to Shahin in class, adding, “In a class of 800 people, it’s definitely a huge honor that they picked her.”

Also of interest is that the best dressed male, Abraham Zeidan, also happens to be Muslim. Although Shahin was surprised at being picked for the award, Cinque said that she would always get complemented on her clothes by other students.

Shahin blends traditional style with modern clothes perfectly well, wearing long sleeves and pants with trendy teenage clothes from stores like Forever 21.

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syed Aamir Adeeb | 7 years ago | Reply The full is sheild of women if she is girl/kid it protects her from hypnotic eyes , and effected radaitions . The full hijab gives the real beauty to women without makup . It is time to think about this the doctors advices to girls if you cover youself with hijab ur beauty will increased the hijab hv lot of background s . If every girl will hide herself they will be protected from every thing . The women are beautiful creation of ALLAH THE GREAT . We are in the garden for example there is a beautiful rose with attractive perfume every one likes it everyone tryies to cut the rose some peoole touchs it and at last the rose goes dry and fells down petel to petel . If we cover the rose it will b protected by jall. The women are just like rose. If she hides herself she will protected
Prof. Mahamood Abdufatah Sheikh Rahman | 7 years ago | Reply @Oats: She is a Muslim woman, not a nun.
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