Funeral held for Pakistani prisoner killed in Indian Kashmir

Officials describe the return of Waheed Noor Khan's body as the first time such an exchange had happened

Afp June 27, 2015
Syed Salahudeen leads prayers for Waheed Noor Khan in Rawalakot. PHOTO: AFP

RAWALAKOT: A Pakistani man, who was held in Indian Kashmir prison for over six years, before being killed in a bomb blast while being transported for a court hearing, was buried on Saturday in Rawalakot after his body was returned by India, officials said.

A charged crowd of around 5,000 people attended the funeral of Waheed Noor Khan in Rawalakot, Azad Kashmir and chanted slogans against India.

Officials described the return of Khan's body as the first time such an exchange had happened.

"It has happened for the first time that India has handed over the body of an alleged militant to Pakistan," Hamid Mughul, a senior administration official in Azad Kashmir, told AFP.

Khan had been arrested by Indian forces around six years ago while he was allegedly crossing the border. He was charged on four counts, but was acquitted of three of those charges in Indian Kashmir.

While being transported to court on June 20 to hear on a fourth and final case in the town of Saupur, a bomb blast left him dead.

"He was our fighter, he gave his life for liberation of Kashmir, his martyrdom gives a new zeal to all the liberation fighters of Kashmir, we will fight till India runs away," Syed Salahudeen, chief of the United Jihad Council, claimed in his address.


TruthBeTold | 8 years ago | Reply Hats off to you, Tribune for fair and truthful reporting of the incident. I can not say the same about the rag Dawn which published a disgustingly one sided, biased, and untruthful account of the same. According to Dawn: "Waheed Noor allegedly crossed the border from Azad Kashmir's Rawalakot area unknowingly and was captured by Indian forces for violating border laws. According to the slain man's brother Zahid Noor, who received his brother's body at Wagah from Indian authorities, Waheed's body bore marks of extreme torture." Shameful news reporting by DAWN,
Tom | 8 years ago | Reply What is with pakistani news papers?. Two hours ago this man was an innocent person accidently crossed the boarder and was killed by India. Now he was a militant who was arrested, and this fighter died in India.!!!!!!!!. Where are all the pakistani goody two shoes commenters.???
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