Six ways to sweat proof your make-up

There are ways you can prevent your make-up from going runny in this weather

June 26, 2015
Make-up is a great way to conceal flaws or enhance one's beauty

It doesn’t matter if you’re commuting to work in the hot sun or relaxing on the beach, to see your perfect make-up melt in the sweltering heat in Pakistan is never a pleasant experience.

But sweat not! There are ways you can prevent your make-up from going runny in this weather. Here are six ways you can help sweat-proof your pretty face, as compiled from Women’s Health magazine.

1. Go light

Spritz your face with make-up setting spray before and after applying make-up to keep it from melting. Don’t forget to use a moisturiser, especially the ones with SPF, but make sure the formulas aren’t too heavy. The heavier the moisturiser, the more you’re going to sweat. Serums are a good bet because they’re lightweight in texture. The same thickness rule applies for foundation. The best option would be a sheer-coverage product that’s easily available in the market these days. Another essential summer rule is that less is more, so keep it light.

2. Apply primer

When it comes to making your make-up last longer, primer is your best friend. You must always apply a little amount before you put on foundation. Rub face-primer on your forehead and nose to keep it from getting shiny throughout the day. A primer will essentially hold onto your foundation. It’s like double-sided tape for it. You can always pair up primer with moisturiser, especially if you decide to wear waterproof make-up on your face as it can be drying. With a number of BB cream options available these days, you can always avoid the hassle of applying too much moisturiser and primer. BB with SPF is an all-in-one solution for your face.

3. Prime your eyes

Always dab a primer on your eyelids if you don’t want your eye shadow to do a disappearing act. You can also apply a cream-based eye colour as it serves as a primer itself. It also lets you keep your eye shadow from looking creasy. Opt for powder-based shadows in natural tones instead of cream ones, especially if you have oily lids.

4. Go waterproof on eyes

Waterproof eye make-up makes a big difference in the summertime, says Joanna Dee, a make-up artist from New York City. Opt for a brow pencil that contains wax so that it won’t rub off. Use a 24-hour waterproof gel eyeliner because it stays longer. Also, use waterproof mascara on your lashes.

5. Use matte lipstick

To make any lipstick look matte and last longer, dab translucent or skin-coloured powder on top of the lipstick. This helps to set the lipstick and prevents it from smudging. You could also just blot powder directly onto your lips with a brush, as it will keep lips from feeling tacky in the summer sun. You can also forgo lipstick altogether and enhance your lips by applying a balm and dabbing a little highlighter at the centre of your top lip. Also called the ‘Cupid’s bow’, you’ll need a pinhead-sized amount of concealer for this part. This will create a goddess-like glow emanating from the centre of your lips.

6. Use mineral powder

This will keep the make-up in place, smooth out the skin and absorb excess oil. You can also carry mineral powder and a sponge around in your purse for make-up dripping emergencies. The other awesome powder for summer-sweating is blotting powder. You can always use blotting sheets if you’re starting to spot oil but don’t add make-up after it. It will keep your face looking fresh.

Published in The Express Tribune, June 27th, 2015.

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